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Strikeforce: “Rockhold vs. Kennedy” Play-by-Play

Strikeforce returns to action tonight at 10pm ET live on Showtime as middleweight champion Luke Rockhold takes on Tim Kennedy for the middleweight title. MMAFrenzy’s coverage rolls along with out play-by-play coverage of tonight’s Showtime-aired main card.

Middleweight Championship Bout: Luke Rockhold (c) vs. Tim Kennedy

Round 1 – Big John is our referee tonight. Touch of gloves and we’re off. Legkick by Kennedy. Nice right by Rockhold and he clinches. Knees from Rockhold now. Kennedy works out but eats a knee on the way out. Rockhold’s using his range expertly. Short elbow by Kennedy. Bodylock by Rockhold. Headkick by Kennedy is checked. Beautiful combo by Rockhold and he clinches Kennedy against the cage. Kennedy reverses and scoops and slams Rockhold. Kennedy is looking to advance position. Rockhold grabs a kimura and works it out. Kennedy uses that to get side control. Kennedy has Rockhold’s back briefly and Rockhold is back up. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Rockhold.

Round 2 – Kennedy catches a headkick and goes for a takedown but Rockhold uses a beautiful switch to take Kennedy’s back. Rockhold with a leg in. Nasty elbow from the bottom by Kennedy. Kennedy escapes. Front kick to the thigh by Kennedy. Beautiful 1-2 by Rockhold. Nice right by Rockhold stops Kennedy before he can shoot in for a takedown. Nice 1-2 by the champ and Kennedy shoots and Rockhold goes for an armbar but Kennedy smartly rolls out and scrambles to pin the champ to the cage. Nice lead left by Kennedy. Spinning back kick by Rockhold misses wildly. Nice counter right by Kennedy there. Nice counter by Rockhold.Nice body kick by Rockhold. Better round for Kennedy but Rockhold prevailed. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Rockhold (20-18).

Round 3 – Nice takedown defense by Rockhold but Kennedy uses the clinch wisely. Knee by Kennedy hits Rockhold in the groin. Big John warns Kennedy and warns Rockhold for holding the cage. Nice right hook by Rockhold. Leg kicks by Kennedy. Kennedy ducks a right and drops on a shot but he doesn’t bring his hips with him and Rockhold evades. Nice straight left from Rockhold stifles a Kennedy legkick. Nice legkick by Kennedy. Kennedy bodylocks an advancing Rockhold. Kennedy takes Rockhold’s back briefly but Rockhold works out and but Kennedy is back on it. Rockhold stands and Kennedy still has his back. Rockhold finally works out now. Rockhold rushes Kennedy but Kennedy evades it. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Kennedy (29-28).

Round 4 – Double legkicks by Kennedy. Nice uppercuts by Kennedy as he evades Rockhold. Legkick by Kennedy. Rockhold stops Kennedy’s double attempt with a perfect sprawl. Legkick by Rockhold. Side kick by Kennedy. Nice body shot and combo by Rockhold. Nice body kick by Rockhold. Legkick by Kennedy. Wicked left hook by Kennedy is answered by an even nastier right hook by Rockhold that drops Rockhold. Rockhold briefly has mount but Kennedy hip escapes and grabs a deep guillotine. Just as Kennedy appears to have it Rockhold adjusts and escapes. Kennedy controlling the clinch but Rockhold reverses and then gets reverses a takedown. Kennedy goes for a side choke and loses postion as Rockhold works out. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Rockhold (39-37).

Round 5 – Touch of gloves and we’re off. Rockhold is very active to start the round. Nice sprawl caught Kennedy with a knee in the face. Nice legkick by Kennedy. Great combo by Rockhold as Kennedy works in. Kennedy on a single and then scrambles to a guillotine. Rockhold with a takedown and he works out. Knees to the body by Rockhold. Nice counter combo by Rockhold. Side kick to spinning backfist attempt by Kennedy. 1:00 left now. Kennedy with a takedown attempt and he throws knees from the clinch. Rockhold works out and he rushes Kennedy as the round ends. MMAFrenzy scores the round and the fight for Rockhold (49-46).

Luke Rockhold def. Tim Kennedy via unanimous decision (49-46,49-46,49-46)

Welterweight Championship Bout: Nate Marquardt vs. Tyron Woodley

Round 1 – Woddley comes out firing. Maquardt with a low blow but Woodley shakes it off. Nasty leg kick by Woodley. Woodley with a wicked right that sends Marquardt reeling across the cage. Woodley gets clipped on the way in but he takes Marquardt down and lands a big knee to the body from back side mount. Marquardt back up. Marquardt staggers Woodley with a straight right. Woodley with a takedown and Marquardt goes for his guillotine and Woodley escapes. Back on our feet no. Woodley still looks dazed. Big knee by Marquardt from the clinch. Nice knee to the head by Woodley. Right hook by Marquardt. Woodley in on a shot. Great right by Marquardt as the round ends. Big comeback by Marquardt. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Marquardt.

Round 2 – Nice legkick by Marquardt. Nice spinning backfist by Woodley and follows it up with a great right. Nice leg kicks by Marquardt. Marquardt throws  a big right and Woodley ducks it. Woodley is changing stances too much, much more tentative after that knockdown in the first. Great legkick by Nate. Beautiful spinning backkick by Nate. Big straight right by Marquardt to a beautiful inside trip takedown. Woodley escapes with :20 left. Nice left by Woodley. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Marquardt (20-18).

Round 3 – Nice combos by Woodley and Marquardt is reeling. Huge combo from Woodley and Marquardt gets dropped and he’s exploding on Nate. Nate trying an armbar but Woodley works out nicely. Shots to the body by Woodley in Marquardt’s guard. Referee stands them up rather quickly. Woodley ducks a big overhand right by Marquardt. Legkick by Marquardt. Great body shot by Nate with 1:15 left. Nice right by Nate. Nice knee from the clinch by Nate. Nice elbows form the clinch by Nate. MMAFrenzy scores it 10-9 Woodley (29-28).

Round 4 – Nice straight right by Marquardt. Beautiful counter combo bay Marquardt connects. Right cross by Marquardt. Holy crap with a combination by Marquardt and Woodley is out on his feet before being dropped hard by a nasty left uppercut. Left-right-left elbow combination, to a right-left to left uppercut is what felled Woodley, beautiful KO. Nate Marquardt is your new Strikeforce welterweight champion.

Nate Marquardt def. Tyron Woodley via TKO at 1:39 of round 4

Roger Gracie vs. Keith Jardine

Round 1 – Touch of gloves and we’re off. Roger looks like a different person at middleweight. Roger feeling out Jardine early. Jabs by Gracie. Wild strikes by Jardine and Gracie clinches and trips him into half guard. Gracie settng up an arm-triangle to pass to mount. Jardine defends so far. Elbow by Gracie. Arm-in guillotine being setup by Gracie. Jardine stands back up and Gracie with a great knee. Gracie trips him back down to the mat. Gracie traps Jardine’s near arm and he’s landing nice strikes. Gracie in mount now. Nice elbow by Gracie. Another nice strike by Gracie. Mounted triangle attempt by Gracie but he slips on the logo. Big nasty elbows by Gracie to end the round. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Gracie.

Round 2 – Gracie’s work with Machida is showing as he throws a front kick. Jardine with wild punches and Roger takes him down easily. Unfortunately, Jardine is now trapped in Gracie’s corner and Renzo is shouting out clear instructions to Roger. Gracie takes Jardine’s back and sinks one hook in. Jardine is a mess now. Both hooks in for Gracie. Gracie using a powerhalf to control Jardine and it’s a beautiful thing. Body triangle by Gracie. Gracie tries a rear naked choke but Jardine is so covered in blood now he slips out. Beautiful transition to a side choke by Gracie but Jardine slips out due to all of his blood. Gracie back in mount and he lands pair of big shots before the round ends. Total domination by Gracie that round. MMAFrenzy scores it 10-8 Gracie (20-17).

Round 3 – Touch of gloves and we’re off. Nice knee by Gracie. Jardine with a lead left hook. Jardine defends a pair of takedowns. Jab by Gracie but he’s way too exposed when he throws it. Jab by Gracie.Nice left hook rockes Gracie. Gracie with a takedown attempt and Jardine defends. Gracie looks tired. Gracie ducks a overhand right by Jardine, misses the takedown but lands a great knee. Front kick by Gracie. Another front leg kick to create distance by Gracie. Jab by Gracie. Jardine throws wildly and Gracie ducks it. MMAFrenzy scores the round for Jardine and the fight for Gracie 29-27 for Gracie.

Roger Gracie def. Keith Jardine via unanimous decision (29-27,30-27,30-26)

Lorenz Larkin vs. Robbie Lawler

Round 1 – Big John is our referee and the expected slugfest is underway. Fighters both throw headkicks at the same time. They’re trading off shots without contact so far. Nasty hook by Lawler staggers Larkin. Larkin recovers and lands some nice elbows from the collar takedown. Nasty Thai footsweep by Larkin and he is unloading on Lawler. Lawler manages to slow Larkin down and works back to the cage. Big knee to body by Larkin in the over-under clinch. Lawler rotates Larkin to the cage. Nasty strikes by Larkin and he gets some separation. Lawler fires back hard. Wicked uppercut from Larkin to Lawler’s upper sternum. Lawler clinches against the cage. Larkin unloads with some uppercuts and knees with his back to the cage. Knee by Lawler. Elbow by Larkin. Knee from Larkin makes Lawler jump. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Larkin.

Round 2 – Both fighters with kicks to open the round. Lawler is loading up and slowing down in doing so. Larkin is staying active with kicks and punches. Jab by Larkin. Wicked straight right by Larkin stuns Lawler, nasty knee by Larkin. Lawler presses Larkin against the cage and Larkin with a nice knee. Over the top right from Lawler in the clinch. Lawler drops to a double but it’s not there. Larkin jumps to a guillotine but he’s unable to finish it. Wicked short right by Lawler. Nasty knee from the clinch by Larkin. Lawler has really slowed in this fight. Larkin with a nice elbow. Big John restarts them in the center. Nasty cut is opened up on Lawler’s head by an absolutely vicious headkick by Larkin. MMAFrenzy has it 20-18 Larkin.

Round 3 – Lawler is bleeding through the vaseline before the round starts. Lawler with more pace to start the round. Body kick to left hook by Lawler. Lawler drops to a single as Larkin defends. Lawler with a big hook as his elevates Larkin’s leg. Larkin with a great knee to the body. Larkin misses a spinning back fist barely. Footstomp fake by Larkin. Jab by Larkin. Lead left to body kick by Larkin. Lawler slowing down again. Left hook by Lawler. Straight right and a hook by Larkin. Legkick by Lawler. Headkick by Larkin is checked.Jab by Larkin, lead left hook to uppercut by Larkin. Lawler bleeding badly. :30 left now. Beautiful combo by Larkin. Two big elbows by Larkin. Lawler tries a hail mary combo with :10 left to no avail. MMAFrenzy scores the round and the fight for Lorenz Larkin 30-27.

Lorenz Larkin def. Robbie Lawler via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)


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