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Quote of the Day: Joe Silva Prides Himself On Making “Competitive Matchups”

“I’m looking for a well-rounded athletic fighter, but the most important thing to me is record. It’s very frustrating in my job. I don’t look for victims. I pride myself in making competitive matchups.

I don’t care what happens in the gym. Lots of people do well in the gym. Going in the cage is a completely different thing, so I want to know how many fights do you have and who did you fight. Did he beat up a bunch of guys who, this was their first fight or did he beat up a bunch of guys who had multiple fights and this much experience?

(In early MMA) if you had somebody who didn’t understand jiu-jitsu, you could beat them without being much of an athlete,” Silva said. “Nowadays, everybody knows. There’s no secret techniques. People know, and they cross-train. Being an athlete quite often is what makes the difference.”

UFC vice president of talent relations Joe Silva shares his thoughts with on evaluating aspiring fighters who hope to compete in the octagon.


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