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Tim Sylvia Can Beat Any Boxer

Tim SylviaAccording to Gary Herman of, UFC veteran Tim Sylvia feels that he could not only compete but dominate the heavyweight boxing circuit, should he ever have such an opportunity that is:

“Sylvia claimed that he would be an outstanding boxer – basically better than anyone else.

“I’d love to be approached about a fight with a top heavyweight because I’d go out there and win.”

“I’ll fight any heavyweight boxer in the world. Twelve rounds and I’d beat him,” said Sylvia.

Not only did Sylvia express how good he was, but he also put out an open call to all boxing promoters.

Wow. I could go on and on about the difference between the sweet science and MMA all day but lets stick to Sylvia on this one. Tim Sylvia has average to good striking at best, and has always relied on his punching power and range much more so than his precision and technique. I do believe that Sylvia could probably beat up a few scrubs on the amateur and maybe even pro circuit based on size and reach alone, but trust when I say that the man could never, ever work over a top 10 boxing heavyweight in his wildest dreams. Sure Tim can knock people out with 4 ounce MMA gloves, but it is a completely different world when you put on the big red mitts against guys who have trained nothing but boxing their entire lives. Just ask Ricco Rodriguez.


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