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Frankie Edgar Remains Hopeful for Madison Square Garden Fight

Frankie Edgar

Article by Brendhan Conlan  – Former UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar has experienced a number of highs already in his seventeen-fight career including wins over some of MMA’s top names and a title-run featuring success against BJ Penn and Gray Maynard. However, from the sound of it, none of those victories or even one in his upcoming rematch with Benson Henderson at UFC 150, compare to the possibility of having his hand raised in the Mecca of sporting venues – Madison Square Garden.

“We only have a small window that we can fight here. Your career can be…I believe I’m not gonna miss my boat to be able to fight in (Madison Square Garden) but the way it’s going, I’ve been saying, ‘It’s gonna happen this year. It’s gonna happen this year,’ and it’s been going on for three years now,” admitted a crestfallen Edgar in a video series called 155 Reasons promoting his bout with Henderson. “I think it would be unfortunate if something happens where I don’t get to fight in the Garden. I’d be upset for sure.”

For now Edgar will have to focus on competing at the Pepsi Center in Denver, as he will on August 11 against Henderson for the lightweight belt, but clearly the New Jersey native’s heart is dead-set on future action in his neck of the woods.

Check out Edgar’s thoughts, as well as those of his teammates/trainers including Phil Nurse, Renzo Gracie, and Ricardo Almeida, in the complete clip below:


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