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Dana White Says He is Okay With TRT, Roy Nelson Fires Back

UFC President Dana WhiteWhile Testosterone Replacement Therapy remains the hot button issue for this era of Mixed Martial Arts, it seems Dana White has taken no issue with TRT use as long as it’s not taken advantage of. White, who had disparaging remarks in the past, even firing Nate Marquardt for TRT use in June of last year, has changed his tune. As he told Fox Sports:

“Here’s the thing about TRT. It’s absolutely 100% legal. As sports medicine continues to advance, this is one of those things where every guy’s testosterone level starts to drop as they get older and this is basically sports science now where they can bring it back up to a normal level. And I think it’s great, it’s absolutely fair, it’s legal .The problem is, there are guys who say if this much is good, this much must be great, so you have guys who are always trying to do more than they’re supposed to do. The big job is policing it, making sure that it’s not being abused, that guys are using it the way it’s supposed to be used.”

One fighter who seemed to take offense to the UFC President’s comments is a recent supporter of VADA testing, Roy Nelson, who will be a coach on the forthcoming season of the Ultimate Fighter alongside Shane Carwin. “Big Country” took to twitter to mock the president’s comments.

“The Juice is good, Dana White says so as long as you don’t over do it…  Now I know why Overeem is OK NOW! I feel like some OJ”

It seems Nelson and White have been at odds at just about every turn since “Big Country” joined the cast of The Ultimate Fighter 10, which he would go on to win. The Nevada native, who is often criticized by White for his corpulent appearance among other things, has always been known to be a bit rebellious and outspoken, but at this point it seems as though he just hates employment as Nelson’s comments were sent directly to both White and The UFC’s official twitter accounts.


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