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Lorenzo Fertitta: UFC/Strikeforce Crossover is a “One-Time” Deal

Lorenzo FertittaWhen it was announced that former two-time UFC Champion Frank Mir would be moving to the UFC’s sister company to face off with Strikeforce Chamapion Daniel Cormier in the promotion’s final heavyweight bout, it brought a glimmer of hope to MMA fans who have long dreamed of crossover fights. Lorenzo Fertitta, ZUFFA CEO, quickly put the kibosh that idea earlier today.

Strikeforce champions Gilbert Melendez and Luke Rockhold have begged for some UFC talent to prove themselves against, but their pleas will ostensibly continue to fall on deaf ears as Fertitta assured ESPN that this crossover fight is a “one-time situation… you’re not going to see more of it”.

With the Strikeforce Heavyweight division dissolved and only tournament finalists Daniel Cormier and Josh Barnett remaining, Cormier already dispatching of Barnett, and Showtime being promised one more fight from the tournament finalists, Fertitta said, “We wanted to put on a very relevant fight that is credible. We had to talk to Fox about it and because Cormier is coming to the UFC after this last fight, we could go ahead and give him that fight.”

The broadcasting deals of both companies are proving to be a hinderance in getting these “dream matches” made. It seems MMA fans will have to sit back and wait for the time being. It’s already public knowledge that Showtime won’t allow Strikeforce fighters to compete inside the octagon, and given Fertitta’s comments, it would seem that any UFC talent crossing over would have to be cleared with Fox first, further making cross-promotion a pipe dream.


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