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What Now? UFC 150

The UFC once again delivered a thrilling night of fights at the Pepsi Center for UFC 150. The night saw UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson retain his title in a razor thin decision over Frankie Edgar in a rematch whose controversy might overshadow that of the original. Donald Cerrone also came out victorious tonight in a devastating knockout victory former teammate Melvin Guillard.

While the future remains relatively clear for the night’s winners, it’s time to look at what’s next for the evening’s headliners.

Ben Henderson: There’s not much to say after another razor thin, controversial decision over Frankie Edgar. While volumes can be spoken about the bout, a recent announcement by Dana White that, regardless of outcome, Nate Diaz would receive the next 155 lb. title shot put the kibosh on the any armchair matchmaking propensity of most MMA fans.

Next: Nate Diaz

Frankie Edgar: The former champion proved once again that he is, at worst, the second best lightweight on the planet. Realistically the only fight that makes no sense for “The Answer” at this moment would be a fourth encounter with Grey Maynard. As outplayed as it sounds, a move to featherweight is still not out of the question for the former champion.

If Edgar stays at lightweight, the time a match with Clay Guida, which should have happened in 2008, is now. While it’s likely an easy win for the Jersey native, it’s the match-up that makes the most sense outside of welcoming Eddie Alvarez to the octagon, which given the timetable, doesn’t seem feasible.

If featherweight is the next step for Frankie, given the history of title eliminators, Chad Mendes is the man to welcome “The Answer” 145 lbs.

Feasibly: At lightweight, Clay Guida. If featherweight, Chad Mendes.

Donald Cerrone: It’s been decided that “Cowboy’s” next opponent is ¬†Anthony Pettis. An ironically short instant classic with Melvin Guillard did little to change the Jackson’s MMA product’s place at lightweight. Dana White, Ben Henderson, and Donald Cerrone have all stated that Anthony Pettis would be next for “Cowboy”; no need to take this any further.

Next up: Anthony Pettis

Melvin Guillard: While “The Young Assassin” was able to come on strong at the beginning of the bout, he proved to lack the durability to last with his former teammate, Donald Cerrone. Guillard found himself in the halls of Valhalla within 76 seconds of the opening bell, but managed to look good in that time, despite the brutality he suffered. Given the shared recent loss to Joe Lauzon, a fight with Jamie Varner seems elementary at this point.

Ideally: Jamie Varner


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