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Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez II Targeted for 12/29 UFC Card

UFC President Dana White announced following UFC 150 that heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos will face Cain Velasquez on December 29 for the UFC’s year end card. Dos Santos had been hoping to settle some bad blood between him and former Strikeforce champion Alistair Overeem but that will have to wait until after the December showdown with Velasquez.

The UFC was tight-lipped about plans for the heavyweight champion, leading some to believe that Overeem would get the nod over Velasquez for the year-end card. Overeem further fueled the speculation when he appeared on Spike’s “MMA Uncensored” and said he would try to apply for a new license early to make the fight happen. NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer put the kibosh on those rumors when he spoke to MMAJunkie on the matter, stating:

“The regulation indicates that you can’t file an application until that timeframe is up,” he said. “There’s nothing for a commission to put on an agenda. You can’t vote on an application that has yet to be filed. There’s no such door to walk through…” he continued, “It looks like Overeem is playing Junior pretty well here,” Kizer said. “That’s between them. But I don’t expect the UFC to reward Overeem with a title fight, as opposed to guys like Cain, who have been doing it the right way.”

No venue or official name for the card exists at this time but the card will likely take place in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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