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Pat Miletich on UFC 151’s Cancellation

Former UFC champion and current Strikeforce analyst Pat Miletich recently spoke out to MMA site Bloody Elbow on the cancellation of UFC 151. “The Croatian Sensation,” while understanding of the pressure facing the UFC, ┬áhe was critical of the company’s handling of the situation. Miletich, who has ran an established training center for years, was understanding of Greg Jackson’s reasoning to suggest that UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones decline a fight with Chael Sonnen.

Miletich told Bloody Elbow:

“I understand the pressure that Zuffa is under with the Fox deal, FX deal, and all that stuff. By putting on a massive number of cards, I think they’ve stretched themselves a bit thin. The quality of the cards has gone down, and I think everybody has noticed that, not just myself. When you have a card that is only carried by one match, given the attrition rate in MMA, the injuries in training, they kind of set themselves up for the fall.

They need to hold themselves accountable. It’s become a bit of a habit, of late, by the [UFC’s] leaders, to blame others for their problems, instead of letting people hold them accountable. It’s across the board in a lot of different spectrums of life right now. I think that Jon Jones not taking a fight with a guy who’s not five foot eleven, [Sonnen is] six foot two, or six foot three, whatever he is, he’s much bigger than Henderson, is ok. He’s younger and probably moves a little better. Dan, obviously can kill a bull with his right hand, but he’s a little older now, and Sonnen is a lefty, so it’s really a different fight.

I think Jon Jones had nothing to gain in that fight. Sonnen, moving to a different weight division, having not fought there for quite a long time, and competing at 185, hasn’t earned the right in the first place.I think Jon Jones was well within his rights, and I back Jackson on the decision that he made and the advice that he gave Jones to pull out of the fight. It doesn’t do the UFC any good to chop the legs out from possibly their biggest star, because he doesn’t take a last minute replacement fight. There was nothing to gain for his career. I think it’s organizational suicide to do that to your biggest star.”

Jones will now face Vitor Belfort September 22 in Toronto, Canada at UFC 152.


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