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UFC 152 MMAFrenzy Staff Picks

UFC 152 kicks off tonight at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario. MMAFrenzy presents our staff picks for tonight’s main card. The night’s PPV main card will be headlined by a light heavyweight title fight between champ Jon Jones and Vitor Belfort. Be sure to stay tuned to MMAFrenzy for full coverage of tonight’s card.

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Just as a general rule, these are for fun, and Leonard Garcia always wins at least one fight on every card by split decision (even when he loses).

Light Heavyweight Title Fight: Jon Jones (c) vs. Vitor Belfort

“This is part of Tito Ortiz’s take on the main event: ‘This is the biggest chance of Vitor’s entire career. This is everything to him as far as his legacy, this is the biggest opportunity anyone from our generation in the UFC ever had. If he wins this fight and beats the best young champion to come along in years – then Vitor is an all-time legend and this goes down as one of the most significant wins of all time. It’s that big…’

While I agree with Tito that a win by Belfort would be huge, Jones has looked almost unstoppable. He’s never lost a fight (yes I understand he lost by dq to Hamill, but in no way was he losing that fight), and no one has even seemed to give him trouble as he’s finished 13 out of 16 fights. Is Belfort the man to bring this all to an end? Odds makers have placed him as a massive underdog, and I have to say I agree with them. If Belfort can land one early and blitz Jones in typical style he might have a chance, I just don’t see it happening. Jones uses his size and strength very well and should be able to control where the fight takes place, even if Belfort tries blitzing him I think Jones will just take him down and wear him out for as long as he wants. I think Jones wins by TKO.” – Newfie

  • Jon Jones (c): 5
  • Vitor Belfort: 0

Inaugural Flyweight Title Fight: Joseph Benavidez vs. Demetrious Johnson

“Flyweight championship is finally here. Johnson will look to keep this standing and use his Might Mouse speed to pick apart Benavidez. He looked impressive in the 2nd fight with Uncle Creepy, but I don’t think it’s enough to beat Benavidez. Joseph will look to use his wrestling and strength to ground and pound Johnson for 25 minutes. Benavidez by UD” – Will

“Benavidez is the favorite over Johnson in this match-up to crown the first flyweight champion, that’s realistically because the Alpha Male product has a clearer path to victory with the team’s trademark hard overhand right and guillotine choke. That being said, this is still a very winnable fight for Johnson. The speed of “Mighty Mouse” can’t be understated when looking at this bout, and I do think he’s ripe to score a minor upset on points. Johnson by decision” – Jesse Denis

  • Joe Benavidez: 3
  • Demetrious Johnson: 2

Michael Bisping vs. Brian Stann

“Stann has ko’s in 9 out of 12 wins and is capable of putting anyone at MW to sleep should he connect solid. He may have bricks in his gloves but Bisping is the better counter puncher and moves much better. I think Bisping should be able to pull off a decision, but if he moves left when he should have moved right it could look like Hendo/Bisping all over again. Personally I think this will be the big fight Bisping finally wins, moving him into title consideration and a possible fight with Silva. Though Chris Weidman may have something to say about that; or if the highly anticipated super fight happens a fight with Weidman for the winner might be just the fight to make, with that winner getting a shot after GSP/Silva. Getting back on track here, Bisping wins a UD.” – Newfie

“I am a big believer in Michael Bisping’s title run if he wins tonight, however, I am not ruling out the possible upset by Stann. While Bisping is the better technical fighter in all aspects of the game, Stann’s power and intangibles make it so you cannot count him out. If Stann can frustrate Bisping, there’s a possibility that he can make Bisping lose his cool and draw him into a firefight. A situation which can favor a a heavy-handed fighter. While I think Bisping is the favorite for good reason, I cannot shake the feeling that Stann could stun the Brit.” – Chris Leslie

  • Michael Bisping: 3
  • Brian Stann: 1
  • Leonard Garcia: 1

Matt Hamill vs. Roger Hollet

“I don’t know anything about Roger Hollett, but I don’t think he’ll have a very easy time in this fight. Yes, he’s fighting a guy in Matt Hamill who is coming back from a one year retirement, but Hamill also has 13 UFC fights. Hollett has a striking background, based on his record, but more telling is that the first few times he fought on a relatively major circuit (Maximum Fighting Championships), he lost. His last fight, he won against John Hawk in Bellator, but how well will he transition to the UFC? And someone like Matt Hamill who is a tough wrestler? I’m not saying he’ll be bad or that he’s out of his league, I’m just pessimistic about his chances.” – Steve “bsbiz” Barnes

  • Matt Hamill: 5
  • Roger Hollet: 0

Charles Oliveira vs. Cub Swanson

“This should be Fight of the Night as both these guys are very exciting fighters. Swanson will own the standing game as his boxing is one of the best in the division. Oliveira is extremely slick on the ground and can tap out anyone at 145. In my opinion, Swanson will be champ one day and look forward to seeing him fight Aldo again, there first meeting was a fluke. Swanson by (t)KO ” – Will

“This is a battle of featherweight contenders, with both men being absolute studs at their game. “Do Bronx” is the more well-rounded fighter in my opinion, and his elusiveness seems to go unappreciated as the only person who has really been able to do any damage to the Brazilian has been Donald Cerrone. The muay Thai of Oliveira should be what keeps him from letting Swanson land power shots on him. “Do Bronx” has extremely fluid movement, his head is never in the same place for more than a second once he enters kicking range, I feel that takes away Swanson’s biggest weapon. On the ground, there’s no comparing the two, save for Swanson putting on the greatest display of submission grappling in his career, Oliveira is head and shoulders above him in that realm, which is where I like the grappling ace to get it done. Oliveira by submission” – Jesse Denis

  • Charles Oliveira: 2
  • Cub Swanson: 3


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