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The Ultimate Fighter 16 – Episode 3: “Payback”

“The Ultimate Fighter: Team Carwin vs. Team Nelson” returned to action tonight on FX. This week marked the second fight in the house with coach Shane Carwin selecting the second bout after Team Carwin’s Neil Magney defeated Team Nelson’s Cameron Diffley. “TUF 16″will air every Friday night until the live finale on December 1 as 16 welterweights vie to become “The Ultimate Fighter.”SPOILERS BELOW

This week’s episode picked where last week’s episode left off, with Team Carwin basking in Magney’s victory and Team Nelson getting a little tense knowing they lost fight selection. Nelson hoped that last week’s loss prompted his team to listen more during their fights, but it appeared the team was more paranoid over who would be picked to fight next.

Back at the house, another round of verbal sparring began, once again involving Team Carwin’s Matt Secor. Secor’s annoyance of Team Nelson lead to Colton Smith wishing to fight Secor to shut him up. Later on, Team Nelson’s Nic Herron-Webb decided it was a good idea to play pool late at night and be as loud as humanly possible in an effort to annoy Team Carwin. The effort paid off, as Team Carwin demanded he quiet down and questioned his ability to fight. Mike Ricci appeared very interested in facing Herron-Webb after the incident.

With those two incidents shown, it came time for fight selection. With Coach Shane Carwin selecting his number-one overall pick, “Smilin'” Sam Alvey, to face Team Nelson’s Joey Rivera. The selection put the aforementioned grudge matches on hold for the moment.

Back at the house, Team Nelson’s fighters informed Herron-Webb that they were annoyed by his late night antics as well. Herron-Webb seemed to blow off their frustrations however.

Before the fight, Team Nelson decides they should mess with Alvey before his fight with Rivera, with Julian Lane insisting they throw his mattress into the pool. Lane was outvoted though, and the mattress was floated on rafts instead. The prank appeared to have little effect on Alvey however, but teammate Igor Araujo was clearly heated with action.

Sam Alvey vs. Joey Rivera

In the fight of the week, a brief bit of early striking gave way to a grappling match to kick off the first round. While Alvey was game, Rivera attacked with multiple submission attempts. The closest of which was a guillotine choke that was very deep before Alvey escaped. Alvey eventually got on top finished the round with some strong shots, but Rivera appeared to have the edge going into Round 2.

Alvey started off round two better, connecting with punches before a failed attempt at getting the fight to the ground. The fight turned into a clinch battle for awhile, with Roy Nelson trying to coach his fighter into a more secure guillotine attempt that never materialized. The biggest shot of the fight then came later in the round as Alvey, looking to push the pace after a restart by referee Herb Dean, was wobbled by a vicious headkick by Rivera. That led to a brief Rivera takedown before Alvey got back to his feet and tried to steal the round with a late takedown of his own.

The effort was to no avail however, as the judges awarded Rivera a majority decision in a fight that appeared to be heading to a third round.

The Team Nelson win tied up the competition at 1-1.

Team Carwin

  • Sam Alvey (lost to Joey Rivera)
  • Bristol Marunde
  • Mike Ricci
  • Neil Magny def. Cameron Diffly via unanimous decision (20-18, 20-18,20-18)
  • James Chaney
  • Eddie Ellis
  • Igor Araujo
  • Matt Secor

Team Nelson

  • Dom Waters
  • Michael Hill
  • Cameron Diffley (lost to Neil Magny)
  • Colton Smith
  • Jon Manley
  • Nic Herron-Webb
  • Joey Rivera def. Sam Alvey via Majority Decision (19-19,20-18,20-18)
  • Julian Lane


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