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MMAFrenzy Welterweight Rankings

MMAFrenzy continues to roll out our rankings with today’s look at the welterweight division. Be sure to check out our previous rankings as we continue to work our way up to heavyweight. The rankings were created by each of our staff ranking fighters 1-10 and then taking an average of the scores to establish the final ranking for the fighters. Be sure to tune in for our middleweight rankings tomorrow.

Welterweight Rankings

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Welterweight may very well be the craziest ranks we have done so far when it comes to averages. This is one of the toughest divisions in all of MMA with so many people in the division but when you add in the level of quality backgrounds among the fighters involved,it leads for some crazy rankings. With so many fighters on this list separated by such thin margins we actually ranked more fighters this time.

Honorable Mentions: Demian Maia*, BJ Penn, Rick Story, Thiago Alves, Mike Pierce, Mike Pyle, Tyron Woodley, Dong Hyun Kym, John Hathaway

*- the rankings were done before UFC 153, otherwise Maia would be higher on the list

Photos courtesy of the UFC


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