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Dana White: Women’s MMA in the UFC “Is Absolutely Going To Happen”

Nearly everyone remembers last year’s UFC-Strikeforce conference call, where UFC President Dana White stated, “if Strikeforce goes away, so does women’s MMA… You’ll never see it in the UFC.” It would seem the drawing power of Ronda Rousey has caused a change of heart in Dana. The UFC president has become a fan of “Rowdy” in particular, as well some other female talent such as Miesha Tate and Julie Kedzie.

The UFC president has said for some time now that if there were to be a woman’s MMA fight in the UFC, Rousey would definitely be  involved. He also made it clear that he felt the talent pool was not rich enough for an entire division at this juncture.

That all seems to have changed as White told Sport’s Illustrated that a UFC women’s division is “in the works.” Dana went as far as to say that “it is absolutely going to happen” and he is “committed to the idea”.

While very clear obstacles, such a the Showtime issue, stand in the way, there is now a light at the end of the tunnel for the female combatants of the MMA community as they will be welcome to join the biggest platform in the sport once the situation allows.


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