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Drew McFedries Stabbed While Working

Although Drew Mcfedries has been inactive since an August 2011 victory over Garrett Olson, the UFC veteran has seen some action of late, under some very unfortunate circumstances. The Iowa native, who works as a bouncer at Chorus Line Nightclub in Davenport, was recently the victim of a stabbing on the job while trying to diffuse the situation between the attacker and a fellow employee.

Fighters Only reports:

“Calvin Hammock, 42, walked away from the Chorus Line Nightclub on North Brady Street in Davenport just before midnight. But he attempted to regain entry and was intercepted by McFedries.

According to witnesses, McFedries went forward and got into a grappling situation with Hammock after the latter made threats to another doorman. McFedries pinned the man to the wall but didn’t realise he had a knife in his pocket.

Hammock allegedly drew the knife and reached around McFedries’ back, inflicting stab wounds to the upper shoulder. He was then pacified by the door team before police arrived shortly afterwards to take Hammock into custody.”

Hammock is reportedly facing a potential five-year prison sentence for the incident. Thankfully, the injuries to McFedries were minor and he is expected to make a full recovery with no longterm damage.


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