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TUF 16 – Episode 9 Recap

“The Ultimate Fighter: Team Carwin vs. Team Nelson” returned to action tonight on FX. This week marked the final preliminary fight in the house with  the bout being predetermined with only Team Carwin’s Mike Ricci and Team Nelson’s Dom Waters leftl. “TUF 16″will air every Friday night until the live finale on December 15 as 16 welterweights vie to become “The Ultimate Fighter.”SPOILERS BELOW 

This week’s episode picks up in the aftermath of last week’s fight where James Cheney bit Jon Manley. After the fight, Cheney pulled UFC President Dana White aside to own up to his mistake. Cheney told White that he wanted to win so badly he bit Manley out of desperation and that he wanted to apologize to White for embarrassing the company. While White tells him the act was “despicable,” he accepts the fighter’s apology.

Meanwhile back at the house, a discussion about the military  between Team Nelson teammates Colton Smith and Julian Lane, the show’s resident drama queen, turns ugly when Lane insults Smith. Lane, shockingly, loses his cool and teammate Dom Waters intervenes. Waters admits later that he kind of wishes he had let Lane throw a punch so that they could be rid of him in the house.

There’s little buildup to fight selection this week since the bout makes itself with only Team Nelson’s Waters and Team Carwin’s Mike Ricci left.

Prior to the fight, Waters talks about how he is not nervous for the fight due to his background in the United States Marine Corps.

Ricci’s coach, Shane Carwin, calls the Canadian a “pretty boy” but also says that he is probably the most technical fighter in the house. Ricci talks about being a self-trained fighter until crossing paths with UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

Dom Waters vs. Mike Ricci

  • Round 1 – Ricci gets the better of the striking early and stops Waters from getting multiple takedowns. Ricci, a former lightweight, is clearly the faster fighter as Dom is unable to get in rhythm. In the final minute, Dom forces a clinch against the cage but is unable to capitalize on the position. 10-9 Ricci
  • Round 2 – Dom starts off the round by finally getting what had been an elusive takedown of Ricci. While the Canadian fighter briefly gives up his back before escaping, he ends up caught in another takedown soon after. Ricci again works up, but Waters keeps pressuring. Waters gets another takedown but Ricci quickly escapes and lands his own takedown. Dom escapes and gets the takedown and Ricci’s back, but can’t finish the fight. 10-9 Waters (19-19)
  • Round 3 – Judges agree and we see a third. Dom goes for a takedown after working out of a guillotine choke. Ricci works to his knees and then reverses Waters to his back. Nelson begs Dom to work up but he misses a solid chance to do just that before going for a triangle choke. Ricci easily avoids and keeps Waters pinned to the canvas. Waters tries to set up a submission but just cannot pull it off. Ricci 10-9 (29-28) by MMAFrenzy and the judges agree, but scores aren’t announced.
Mike Ricci def. Dom Waters via unanimous decision
After the fight, it is time for quarterfinal selection. Ricci appears to betray his Canadian comrade Michael Hill by asking to face his house compatriot, Hill is quite hurt by the revelation when his coach informs him of the move. Coach Carwin is further shocked when White decides to make teammates fight in the opening round, despite the numbers being even. Nelson seems indifferent on the matter.

Quarterfinal Match-ups

  • Bristol Marunde vs. Neil Magny
  • Igor Araujo vs. Colton Smith
  • Joey Rivera vs. Jon Manley
  • Mike Ricci vs. Michael Hill

Team Carwin

  • Sam Alvey (lost to Joey Rivera)
  • Bristol Marunde def. Julian Lane via unanimous decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18)
  • Mike Ricci def. Dom Waters via unanimous decision 
  • Neil Magny def. Cameron Diffly via unanimous decision (20-18, 20-18,20-18)
  • James Chaney (lost to Jon Manley)
  • Eddie Ellis (lost to Colton Smith)
  • Igor Araujo def. Nic Herron-Webb via majority decision (19-18,19-19,19-18)
  • Matt Secor (lost Michael Hill)

Team Nelson

  • Dom Waters (lost to Mike Ricci)
  • Michael Hill def. Matt Secor via split decision (29-28,28-29,29-28)
  • Cameron Diffley (lost to Neil Magny)
  • Colton Smith def. Eddie Ellis via majority decision (19-18,19-19,19-18)
  • Jon Manley def. James Cheney via submission (guillotine choke)
  • Nic Herron-Webb (lost to Igor Araujo)
  • Joey Rivera def. Sam Alvey via majority decision (19-19,20-18,20-18)
  • Julian Lane (lost to Bristol Marunde)


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