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TUF 16 – Episode 10 Recap

“The Ultimate Fighter: Team Carwin vs. Team Nelson” returned to action tonight on FX. This week marked the first two quarterfinals of the season with Team Carwin’s Bristol Marunde facing teammate Neil Magny and Team Carwin’s Igor Araujo facing Team Nelson’s Colton Smith. “TUF 16″will air every Friday night until the live finale on December 15 as 16 welterweights vie to become “The Ultimate Fighter.” SPOILERS BELOW

This week’s episode kicked off with Mike Ricci discussing his reasons behind facing friend, and fellow Canadian, Michael Hill. Ricci states that he simply wants to take out Nelson’s number two pick after taking out number one prospect, Dom Waters, the previous week. Hill does not care about that however and insists that Ricci will pay for his betrayal.

The episode quickly reasserts its focus to the fight preparation of Team Carwin fighters Neil Magny and Bristol Marunde before they square off, much to their head coach’s dismay. Marunde states that he knows that he cannot stand and trade with Magny and must get this fight to the ground. Magny seems to know this and prepares to do the opposite.

Bristol Marunde vs. Neil Magny

  • Round 1 – The fighters exchange early with Magny making the most of his ridiculous 81″ reach. Bristol is able to close and score the takedown but cannot do much and Magny is back up. Bristol mixes in some legkicks and stays agressive in the stand up, but Magny does a good job of shutting Marunde down with nice counter strikes. The round ends with Marunde landing a trip off an errant Magny kick. Very close opening round but it’s 10-9 Magny
  • Round 2 – Both fighters are ready to go after a close opening round but Magny is able to again use his range against Marunde. Marunde keeps trying to close but Magny stuns him a few times but doesn’t follow up. Marunde finally gets the fight to the ground and looks to work some ground and pound but the length of Neil keeps him from being able to gain too much leverage and do much damage. Finally, Magny is back up after a solid scramble and lands a takedown of his own but finds himself fighting off a kimura. Neil survives and even though Bristol works up, it is not enough to take the round. 10-9 Magny
Neil Magny def. Bristol Marunde via unanimous decision (20-18,20-18,20-18)
After the fight, Carwin touts the potential of Magny and says he was impressed by both of his fighters. Neil is ecstatic to win and looks forward to the semifinals. Marunde is disappointed but still – rightfully – happy with his performance.
Next up are the weigh-ins for our second quarterfinal between Colton Smith and Igor Araujo. After an intense stare down things get a bit heated when Igor misunderstands something Colton says and the two almost come to blows before Carwin and his staff break it up, while Nelson just sits there and laughs. Carwin is clearly perturbed by his rival’s indifference towards the situation.

Igor Araujo vs. Colton Smith

  • Round 1 – Colton gets the takedown early and avoids just looks to avoid Araujo’s attacks from his back. Not a lot of action as Colton avoids the sub. Colton tries for a D’arce but doesn’t have it and Araujo gets back to his feet. Araujo tries a weak sweep as colton goes for a takedown and he misses it. Smith grabs the D’arce lock again but it’s not there and he rides out the round in Araujo’s guard. 10-9 Smith.
  • Round 2 – Brief exchange on their feet and Colton has the takedown. Igor is working for the escape but Colton’s wrestling is negating anything he wants to do. Araujo just cannot do anything with Smith again on the ground. Colton goes for a D’arce again but just cannot lock it up. Back in guard to close to round and Colton just lands more punches from the top to end the fight. 10-9 Smith (20-18 Smith)
Colton Smith def. Igor Araujo via unanimous decision (20-18,20-18,20-18)
The fighters seem to have put their previous misunderstanding to rest after the bout. UFC President Dana White talks about how dominant Smith looked and talks about how it was an easy fight for the Army veteran.

Quarterfinals Match-ups

  • Neil Magny def. Bristol Marunde via unanimous decision (20-18,20-18,20-18)
  • Colton Smith def. Igor Araujo via unanimous decision (20-18,20-18,20-18)
  • Joey Rivera vs. Jon Manley
  • Mike Ricci vs. Michael Hill


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