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Quebec Commission Refuses To Hear Alessio Sakara’s Appeal For UFC 154 DQ Loss to Partick Cote

Alessio SakaraThere was no luck for Alessio Sakara as Quebec’s athletic commission has refused to hear his appeal of a UFC 154 disqualification loss to Patrick Cote. The Italian badly hurt Cote with a devastating elbow, but found himself being disqualified as the Canadian dove for a leg, prompting the ATT product to fire several hammer fists, many of which connected to the back of Cote’s head, forcing Dan Miragliotta’s hand in the 86-second bout as he would overturn the commission’s TKO ruling for a DQ.

According to Miragliotta, he gave Sakara a stern warning on the second illegal blow, and decided he would stop the bout to deduct a point if a third did occur. When the referee separated the two, Cote was in no shape to continue. “When I rolled him over, he looked like he didn’t know where he was at,” Miragliotta said of his decision. As a result, the commission refused to hear the case as it was a judgement call on the part of the referee.




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