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Dana White Reacts to Backlash from Fox NFL Skit

Dana White has found himself on the receiving end of much vitriol after yesterday’s NFL comedy skit with Rob Riggle. In a co-promotional effort, Fox aired a skit for the comedian’s new NFL insider hotline, which featured the UFC President portraying a homeless man giving “insider info”, during the day’s coverage.

(Dana appears at the 1:45 mark)

It didn’t take long for White find himself inundated with tweets drawing the ire of those watching, telling the outspoken president that they felt the skit was in poor taste. True to form, White was not bashful about replying to the criticism, responding with various permutations of the same tweet. White essentially told everyone “The F***g in this country who cry about everything everyone does, makes me F***g ill.”

Dana’s never been one to shy away from confrontation, especially when defending his actions in relation to the UFC, so it comes of no surprise that he stands by his co-promotional efforts with Fox.



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