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UFC Chatter: Jackson Trains Fighters for Free, Hands On

“He has the ability to get your trust right away. He does it on a personal level and a professional level. His reputation is very big in this sport. He could charge a lot of money and guys would still want to work with him, because of who he is, but he’s very sincere and he doesn’t want anything from you.

When you work with him, you see how well he knows his stuff. And he gets his point across to you so easily and it’s easy to learn from him. He’s my idea of what a coach should be.”

– – Rashad Evans on famed UFC trainer Greg Jackson’s decision not to charge fighters for his training in an interview with Yahoo! Sports.


“I never wanted to get in the cage and be a (professional) fighter myself. I had this fascination with the combat sports and wanted to learn as much as I could so I could share what I learned with others. I spar with my guys, I run with them, I do it all, because I can’t really learn about them and what they can do until I’ve had a chance to feel their strength, to take one of their punches, to see how they move first-hand. I try to lead from the front. I’m definitely hands on.”

– – Famed UFC trainer Greg Jackson in a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports.


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