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UFC on Fox 5 Play-By-Play

MMAFrenzy’s coverage continues with our play-by-play and live scoring of tonight’s Fox main card. Tonight’s card is headlined by a lightweight title fight between champion Benson Henderson and Nate Diaz. Be sure to refresh often for live scoring and updates from tonight’s main card. Be sure to stay tuned to MMAFrenzy for full coverage of tonight’s card including live results, recaps, play-by-play, and more.

UFC Lightweight Title Fight: Benson Henderson vs. Nate Diaz

Rd. 1 – No touch of gloves and we’re off with Herb Dean our referee. Big legkick by Bendo. Jab by Diaz but answered by a big legkick by Bendo. Bendo misses a legkick and Nate attacks with the clinch but Bendo seizes control. knees to the thigh by Bendo. Diaz tries a hip toss but Bendo defends easily. Big knees by Bendo. Bendo is controlling the clinch with double unders. Knees by Nate and Bendo. Nice elbow on the exit by Diaz. Huge legkick by Bendo followed by a takedown scramble that Bendo wins and avoids the submission attack. Nate turtles up after some strikes by Bendo but manages to work out by Bendo follows with the clinch. Big legkick floors Nate and he tries a takedown to a peterson but Bendo snuffs it out and punishes him with strikes before Nate escapes. Bendo with a nice combo and Nate tries to clinch. Nate has it briefly but Bendo seizes control. MMAFrenzy scores it 10-9 Henderson.

Rd. 2 – Big legkick by Bendo stops a Diaz combo. Diaz tries to clinch and Bendo throws him down and unloads with punches. Nate scrambles up but eats a big kick and a knee by the champion. Bendo controlling the clinch again as Diaz is trying anything he can to score. Wicked elbow by Bendo on the exit. Nate’s lead leg is rubbery now, struggling to put weight on it and drive into his attacks. Body shot by Bendo. Jab to the thigh by Bendo. Huge right by Bendo and Diaz goes down hard. Bendo is swarming to finish and lands a lot of blows but Nate survives by threatening subs. Nate is back up and Bendo is controlling the clinch. Nate ties another hiptoss and Bendo denies it easily. Nate tries it again and has it before Bendo slips out and lands a nice headkick. Lead legkick by Bendo again staggers Nate. Very strong round by Bendo. MMAFrenzy scores it 10-8 Henderson due to the knockdown (20-17).

Rd. 3 -Legkick by Bendo finds its home along with a punch. Sidekick to the thigh by Bendo. Diaz finally lands a solid shot. Lead hook to a driving attack by Bendo. Bendo gets him down and lands some huge blows as Nate tries to attack the legs. Nate again gives up his back to escape but soon finds himself down again and eats some big shots. Bendo backs out and Nate lands some good kicks. Bendo tries to pass to side control and gets swept and we have dueling toe-holds for a moment. Bendo advances and lands some big shots again. Nate again tries for a leg attack but it’s not there. Nate taunts Bendo and gets absolutely floored and recovers. Nate rolls for a leglock again. Bendo is playing the game and backs out before landing another big elbow to the body. Wicked blow by Bendo just before the round ends. MMAFrenzy scores 10-9 Bendo (30-26).

Rd. 4 – Nate is dropping his hands to start the round but is backing away. Bendo closes the distance and lands a knee in the clinch. Big takedown by Bendo and he has Nate’s  back and looks for the hooks. Nate works up but Bendo leg sweeps him down and has Nate’s back again. Nate tries to roll but Bendo blocks it. Nate grabs a kimura and tries a seatbelt throw but Bendo sprawls out perfectly. Punches to the body by Bendo. Bendo in half guard and lands some nice elbows. Nate grabs a kimura but it’s not a threat and Bendo starts throwing knees and punches to the opposite side. Bendo works free and unloads on Diaz. Nate has his leg briefly but lets it go after a big shot by Bendo. Nate taunting Bendo some more as Bendo lands a big shot to the body. Bendo showing Nate up a little bit with feints and he lets him up. Right after Nate gets up he eats a huge leg kick again. MMAFrenzy scores it for Henderson (40-35).

Rd. 5 – Nate has to be cleared by the doctor before we can begin do to swelling. Big shot by Bendo and he controls the clinch again. Bendo has Nate’s back in a standing position and he counters a Nate trip attempt with a gorgeous snatch-and-return by Bendo. Big punches by Bendo in Diaz’s guard. This is domination folks. Bendo again has Nate’s back as Nate tries a kimura as Bendo tees off and grounds Nate. Nate works back up and is eating some big knees by Bendo. Nate tries the seatbelt again and Bendo scrambles to take his back and lands some more big shots. Nate gets back up and eats a massive shot from Bendo. Nate is taunting Bendo with :20 left and it’s just sad at this point. Horn sounds and Nate clearly concedes the bout to Bendo. Dominant fight by Bendo. MMAfrenzy scores the round and the fight for Bendo (50-44).

Alexander Gustafsson vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua

Rd. 1 – Touch of gloves and we’re off. Rua interestingly enough wearing red instead of his usual white. Huge shot by Gustaffson rocks Rua but Rua regains his wits and attacks with a beautiful leglock before Gustaffson escapes. Big knee by Rua in the clinch. Rua drops for a leglock but is too low to finish. Gustaffson with a power single that slams Rua down but he quickly backs out. Big shot by Rua and he takes Gustaffson down. Alex works up and Rua lands a nice knee. Alex breaks free and lands a nice combo but Rua stops the knee. Legkick by Rua. Nice hooks by Rua. Legkick by Rua is answered by a nice punch by the Swede. Alex ducks a punch to a takedown but he can’t get it and he forces a clinch against the cage and he lands some nice knees. Nice knee to the hamstring by Rua. MMAFrenzy scores it 10-9 for Gustaffson but it’s very close.

Rd. 2 – Rua is pressing and lands some nice strikes early. Big legkick by Alex. Nice right by Rua. Combo by Rua. Rua looks much better tonight than he has in awhile. Shogun is clearly looking for the KO. Gustaffson tries a takedown but lets it go to control the clinch. Punches and knees by Gustaffson in the clinch and Miraglotta separates them. Big body punch Rua. Gorgeous whizzer stops a takedown. Rua tries a takedown but gets reversed and Alex wisely backs out. Nice right by Alex. Big punches by Rua. Nice duck-double leg by Alex but Rua works out. Alex pummels out of the Rua clinch and lands another takedown. Punches to the body by Alex. Rua works up but eats a big knee on the exit.Nice uppercut to knee by Alex. Legkick by Alex. Great second round. MMAFrenzy scores it 10-9 Gustaffson.

Rd. 3 – Shogun is showing some damage here. Big right by Rua. Takedown by Gustaffson but Rua whizzers out but Gustaffson attacks again and lands the takedown. Rua tries a knee bar but Alex works out and lands a few punches before they stand up. Rua is struggling to judge distances now. Nice takedown by Gustaffson. Elbows by Alex. Alex backs out and kicks the hamstring of Rua. Alex with a nasty body kick that hurt Rua. Alex throws him to the ground and starts pressing. Big right hand by Alex followed by a knee. Rua is hurting now. Uppercut by Alex. Alex looking good now. Alex clinches and Miraglotta separates them quickly. Wicked front kick to the face by Alex. Rua clinches and lands a few knees but Alex takes over and stops a Rua throw to end the fight. MMAFrenzy scores the round, and the fight, 10-9 (30-27) Gustaffson.

Alexander Gustaffson def. Maurico “Shogun” Rua via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27,30-26)

Rory MacDonald vs. B.J. Penn

Rd. 1 – Herb Dean is our referee. Penn pressing early and eats a knee and briefly has a single. Fighters separate from the clinch but Rory presses and puts him on the cage. Nice hook by Penn. Jab by Rory. Gorgeous leg kick to headkick by Rory. Big overhand right by Penn. Legkicks checked by Penn. Jab by Penn. Jab by Penn. Penn knocks Rory off balance and secures a brief takedown but Rory uses a whizzer to work back up and lands a great elbow on the exit. Body hook by Rory. Single by Rory is easily defended by Penn but he’s losing steam. Penn is wobbled by a jab and Rory is turning it up. Penn fires back with a combo and lands a nice hook. Rory pressuring though and lands a gorgeous elbow while moving in for the clinch. More strikes from Rory as the round ends in his favor.  MMAFrenzy scores it 10-9 MacDonald.

Rd.  2 – More strikes from Rory that are keeping Penn at distance. Rory with a gorgeous combination. Another nice combo by Rory. Bodykick by Rory. Nice cross by Penn. Wicked body kick by MacDonald. Penn is hurting and MacDonald is picking him apart. Big shots have Penn reeling. Rory is picking him apart now and Penn is offering little resistance. MacDonald is showboating now. Double by Rory and Penn barely defends it. Penn controlling posture and landing some openhanded shots as the round ends. MMAFrenzy scores it 10-9 MacDonald (20-18)

Rd. 3 – Penn has to be approved by the ringside doctor to continue. Penn comes out pressuring and lands a good combo before going for a single that MacDonald defends. MacDonald just clinches against the cage and holds Penn there til Dean separates them. MacDonald tries to get fancy and slips on a wheel kick. Switchkick by Rory. Penn just cannot get inside Rory’s range. Rory dropping his hands and taunting Penn now. Uncalled for really. Rory clinches and Penn looks for a trip but Rory isn’t budging. Rory just shoves Penn to the cage and forces a restart by Dean. Rory is clinching Penn every time BJ looks for anything. This is just sad. MMAFrenzy scores it 30-27 MacDonald.

Rory MacDonald def. B.J. Penn via unanimous decision (30-36,30-36,30-27)

Matt Brown vs. Mike Swick

Rd. 1 – Crazy start to the round as both fighters look to kick off the action early. Brown secures a single-leg takedown and then transitions from a quarter nelson to a D’arce choke. Brown commits to the finish and rolls to his back. Swick waits it out and ends up on top and rains down a few strikes before Brown locks up a deep triangle. Swick works out eventually and briefly has a guillotine before they scramble up and Brown lands a nice flurry to end the round. MMAFrenzy scores it 10-9 Brown

Rd. 2 – Brown is coming out strong in the round with solid strikes and looks to bully Swick. Swick tries for a double but he cannot get it. 1-2 by Swick. Huge left hook to a straight right by Brown and Swick goes down rigid and slams his head on the cage post. Ouch.

Matt Brown def. Mike Swick via KO (punch) at 2:31 of Round 2


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