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NSAC Hands Down 8 Month Suspension to Guillard

Melvin Guillard UFCLightweight UFC fighter Melvin Guillard was suspended 8 months today by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC). The suspension came after Guillard tested positive for a cocaine metabolite in a post-fight drug screening at Fight Night 9 last month. At the event the former Ultimate Fighter contestant was defeated 29 seconds into the fight by Joe Stevenson.

The suspension means he will not be able to participate in any MMA event in Nevada until December 2007 or January 2008. Here is what had to say about the drug testing at UFC events:

Although Guillard was the only fighter on the UFC Fight Night 9 card to have failed his drug test, only six of the card’s eighteen fighters were drug-tested. The NSAC spent a total of $1,670 on drug testing for UFC Fight Night 9, while the total cost of drug testing every single fighter on the card would have been $5,011. No fighters at all were drug-tested at UFC 69, which took place in Houston, Texas; or at UFC 70, which took place in Manchester, England.

The UFC needs to get its drug testing policy perfected and enacted quickly. The sport is taking a hit because the organization has, so far, failed to properly police its fighters as evidenced by the lack of drug tests at 2 major UFC events and light testing at another. It is not fair to any of the fighters in the sport to have such selective testing at such random intervals. Decide on a policy and stick to it.

For a sport looking to gain widespread acceptance the UFC has done little to please those who feel proper drug testing is a necessary factor in keeping a sport clean and the fights fair.


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