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UFC 155 Play-by-Play

UFC 155: Dos Santos vs. Velasquez 2MMAFrenzy’s coverage of UFC 155 rolls along with our play-by-play of tonight’s pay-per-view main card. Tonight’s card will be punctuated by a UFC heavyweight title rematch between champion Junior dos Santos and former champion Cain Velasquez. Be sure to check back often for live results and updates from tonight’s card.

UFC Heavyweight Title Fight: Junior dos Santos (c) vs. Cain Velasquez

Rd 1 – Herb Dean is our referee and the bout is on. Velazquez stalking forward and lands a single leg but JDS sweeps out. Cain is attacking again telegraphs a single. Jab by Cain. Jab by JDS. Big right by JDS stops a takedown. Legkick by Cain. JDS with a combo but Cain stops it with a hard right. Nice right by Cain. Pace is unreal so far. Jab by Cain. Right by cain and jab. Body kick by Cain and he misses a takedown. Jab by JDS stops Cain briefly. Body kick by JDS. Cain with an uunderhook and punches against the cage. JDS rotates out and connects. Big knee by Cain. Jab by JDS but a massive right by Cain drops JDS. Cain is swarming now with a minute left. JDS is clearly hurt still. JDS stands and then gets planted again. More massive shots by Cain as the round ends. JDS is wobbled badly as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-8 Velasquez.

Rd 2 – Cain is right back at it and dumps JDS to the canvas with a crotch lift. Half guard by Cain and JDS is scrambling too. Cain takes his back briefly. JDS is up shortly but gets dropped back to the mat again. Cain is controlling JDS with a spiral ride. JDS gets back up and he clips Cain. Cain with a takedown attempt and he gets it after a brief struggle. Cain is controlling the pace without exhausting himself. JDS is back up briefly and Cain takes him right back down. JDS tries a sweep and Cain switches to an armbar. JDS is warned for an illegal kick. JDS has nothing left there as he couldn’t even take advantage of that opportunity. This is a beating. JDS is out on his feet. JDS finally with a body shot but Cain is going back to work. MMAFrenzy has it 10-7 Velasquez (20-15).

Rd 3- JDS is a mess to start the round. Uppercut by JDS. Body hook by JDS. Another body hook by JDS. Takedown by Cain. JDS works back up. This may be JDS’s last stand here. JDS defends an ugly single. Left hook by JDS. Big legkick by Cain. Big right and a left hook by Cain. Cain controlling against the cage. Big elbow by JDS is answered by one from Cain. Cain with another shot. Big body shots by Cain. JDS with a body hook. JDS is fighting back a little better in this round but there’s no power behind it. Big left by Cain. Uppercuts by JDS as his trying to find something, Body kick by Cain. Left hook by Cain. JDS seizes control along the cage but Cain stops it with a hard whizzer. Cain is tiring now too but still in control. JDS is refusing to go away. Uppercut by JDS. Jab by JDS. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Velasquez (30-24).

Rd 4- JDS looks horrid to start the round. Cain tries a single but is rebuffed and lands a combo. JDS with a hook. Legkick by JDS. Cain swarms to the clinch. Huge left to the body by JDS. Cain with nice double off the break and JDS works out. JDS with a back elbow. Right hand by Cain. Cain on a single but JDS reverses and had his own double. Right hook by the champ. High-C to a crotch lift dumps JDS but he’s battling back up. Big shots by Cain but JDS with a back elbow that stops Cain briefly. JDS is defending another takedown now and grabs a double collar tie but Cain pummels in. Short punches by Cain in the clinch now. Knee by JDS. Nice right by JDS. Nice uppercut by the champ as well. Cain tries another single but JDS defends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Velasquez (40-33). Doctor taking a close look at JDS now.

Rd 5- Cain’s corner pumps him up for the last round. Touch of gloves and we’re off. JDS tried a guillotine but was too tired. Cain tries a takedown but it’s stopped as he’s starting to tire. Big left by JDS to the body. JDS flicking punches at Cain and connecting. Short uppercuts by JDS stop another takedown. Nice right by JDS. Massive left by JDS barely misses that would have killed a bear. Cain pressures to the cage. Jab by Cain is answered by a JDS uppercut to the body. Cain with a single leg and takes JDS in twister back control. Cain tries to finish the bout as JDS recovers half guard. JDS back up now with 90 ticks left. Cain keeping it against the cage. Big shot by JDS. Cain misses a wild combo. Big upper cut by JDS. Massive headkick by Cain staggers JDS and that may have sealed it. JDS’s face is a mess. The round ends and it’s clear who won this one. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Cain for a 50-42 decision.

Cain Velasquez def. Junior dos Santos via unanimous decision (50-45,50-43,50-44)

Joe Lauzon vs. Jim Miller

Rd 1- Miller starts it off with a crisp lead hook. Legkick by Miller. Wicked uppercut by Lauzon. Nice straight right by Lauzon. Huge connection by Miller and he tries to attack but Lauzon covers up. Body kick by Miller. Big combo by Miller stuns Lauzon briefly. Inside legkick and a big punch by Miller. Lauzon with a body kick. Miller attacking now and he busts open Lauzon and tries a standing arm-triangle. Fight is briefly stopped as Lauzon is bleeding badly. Lauzon with a body-lock and he can’t score a takedown. Miller with a bg knee but Lauzon stuns him with an uppercuts. Nice knee by Lauzon stuns Miller. Both fighters slip. Big left by Miller is answered by one by Lauzon. Lauzon is a mess. Lauzon keeps attackingMiller with a body shot but Lauzon with one of his own. Combos by both fighters as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Miller.

Rd 2- Fans are wide awake now. Miller stalking again now and Lauzon with an inside leg kick. Takedown by Miller. Lauzon is attacking off his back but Miller is basing out. Miller now looks to pass to partial mount. Lauzon is a bloddy mess. Lauzon tries a big sweep but misses it as Miller counters. Lauzon with the lockdown and is trying to sweep but a big elbow from Miller stops that. Miller locks up a D’arce but Lauzon sweeps out and has control now with 2:00 left. Lavigne stops the fight to cut some tape and the fighters tell each other “good fight.” Miller with rubber guard now. Lauzon slams Miller and is now working to pass. Lauzon into half guard. Lauzon dives to a kneebar but he’s too low and loses it. D’arce attempt by Lauzon but he loses it as the round ends. Crazy fight. MMAFrenzy scores it 10-9 Lauzon (19-19).

Rd 3- Lauzon’s corner implores him to fight like he’s down two rounds and Miller’s corner rips him and tells him to fight like a champion. Brutal leg kick trips Lauzon to start the action. Combo by Lauzon. Another nice combo by Lauzon. Body shot by Lauzon. Miller times a legkick perfectly and trips Lauzon. Miller lets him back up. These guys are going at it. More punches by Lauzon and Miller returns fire but most are blocked. Elbow by Miller.Big knee by Lauzon to Miller’s body. Legkick by Lauzon. Miller is now cut too. Uppercut by Miller from the collar tie. These two guys are Walking Dead material by this point in the fight. Body shot by Miller. Lauzon keeps coming an lands a nice right. Left by Miller as both fighters are dead with a minute left. Nice right by Miller but LAuzon lands too. Huge flying heel hook to an ankle lock by Lauzon and he loses it but dives into a guillotine and Miller holds on. As the round ends both fighters tell each other “great fight.” MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Lauzon (29-28) but it could easily go to Miller and not be a problem.

Jim Miller def. Joe Lauzon via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Tim Boetsch vs. Constantinos Philippou

Rd 1- Kim Winslow is our referee and Boetsch takes the center of the cage. The minute Costa looks to strike, Boetsch launches a takedown. Knees to the body byt Boetsch. Boetsch with a single and he sweeps it for the takedown but Costa works back up. Big knee by Boetsch and he tries another takedown. Costa with a big knee and he escapes. Front kick to the body by Boetsch.Nice right by Costa. Legkick by Boetsch. Huge uppercut by Costa but Boetsch clinches. Costa works out but Boetsch with a driving double. Costa controlling posture and he gets the stand up.Nice legkick by Costa. Big combo by Costa against the cage but Boetsch absorbs it. Frontkick knockdown by Boetsch ends the round. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Boetsch.

Rd 2- Boetsch is apparently injured now according to his corner. Boetsch forces the clinch against the cage and lands a nice knee on the exit. Overhand by Costa. Costa blocks the takedown but Boetsch holds Costa’s shorts.  Costa back up now. Boetsch loses his mouthpiece and takes a poke to the eye as Costa tries to stop the takedown. We’re back underway after the brief stoppage. Front kick by Boetsch. Costa blocks the takedown and Costa takes advantage and pressures forwards. Boetsch tries for another shot but pulls guard now. Costa working in full guard now and is looking for big punches and elbows. Big shots from Costa in half guard now. More big shots by Costa as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Costa (19-19).

Rd 3 – Touch of gloves and we’re off. Boetsch tries a takedown and a beautiful sprawl and punch opens up Boetsch even worse. Boetsch is pouring blood and Costa backs out and lets him up. Boetsch ties another takedown but it’sn ot there and Costa tees off again and backs out. Boetsch shoots again and gets stuffed, and huge punches from Costa ends the fight with strikes.

Costa Philippou def. Tim Boetsch by TKO (punches) at 2:11 of Round 3

Alan Belcher vs. Yushin Okami

Rd 1-  Touch of gloves and we’re off. Belcher with big strikes barely missing early. Okami with a hook. Belcher lands a strike. Okami trips belcher with a jab on a high kick. Okami clinches against the cage. Knee to the body by Okami. Okami looks for a trip and Belcher reverses it.Belcher tries a guillotine and loses it. Belcher locks up rubber guard but eventually lets it go. Okami looking for ground and pound. Okami looks to pass and nearly gets swept but the cage helps him. Okami in side control and is really restricting the breathing of Belcher. Okami has Belcher’s back as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Okami.

Rd 2- Okami with double unders and he tries a trip and again is countered. Belcher tries the guillotine again but again loses it and Okami gets half guard. More strikes by Okami and Belcher is trying to find a way out. Okami passes to side control. Wow, referee stands them up poorly. Huge right tags Okami on the restart. Combo by Okami and he clinches against the cage. Okami takes Belcher’s back while standing and works him to the ground. Okami back to half-guard. Okami is simply smothering Belcher now. Referee stands them up as Okami passes to side control. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Okami (20-18)

Rd 3- Okami rushes and Belcher buckles him with a shot but Okami recovers. Okami clinches and tries the takedown but Belcher reverses into mount. Belcher takes his back but Okami traps Belcher’s arm and stands. Belcher tries the guillotine again and again loses it. Okami works to mount and is just grinding it out now. Okami tries for an arm-triangle but it’s not there. Okami postures up and punching away. Belcher gives up his back and Okami just starts raining in shots. MMAFrenzy has it 30-27 Okami.

Yushin Okami def. Alan Belcher via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27,29-28)

Derek Brunson vs. Chris Leben

Rd 1- Herb Dean is our referee and we’re underway. Touch of gloves. Brunson with a high kick and a combo. Body kick by Brunson is caught, Leben tries to trip and DB reverses with a body crunch takedown. Brunson looks to pass and almost has it before Leben recovers guard. Leben works for an armbar but DB passes to side control briefly before Leben recovers half guard. Leben back to full guard. Brunson postures up and is landing short shots but Leben is answering. DB lets up briefly and then explodes on Leben. DB to side control and then to mount with an arm-triangle  Leben works out but eats a huge elbow. Leben in half guard now. Hammer strike by Brunson and he continues to drop short punches. Leben secures the lockdown briefly. Punches by Brunson are risky but they’re landing. Leben tries to escape but Brunson isolates him on the cage and lands some big shots before Leben gets back to his feet. Big knee by Leben barely misses right before the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Brunson.
Rd 2 – We’re underway. Leben and DB exchange a few shots before Brunson powers to a double. Leben defends briefly and avoids the body crunch takedown. Big shot by Leben and DB with a driving takedown. Leben peppering away with small shots. Leben works up and Brunson briefly tries a guillotine. Big uppercut and DB answers. DB’s shot is blocked with 2:30 left. Legkick by Lebe. 1-2 by Brunson lands. Big jab by Brunson. Fighters exchange jabs. Brunson ties up Leben against the cage with double unders. Headkick by Brunson. Leben counters a slow combo. Jab by Leben. Brunson with a 1-2 and a takedown attempt with :30 left. Weak leg kicks by Brunson. Left by Brunson. These shots aren’t doing damage but they’re scoring. MMAFrenzy scores it 10-9 Brunson (20-18).
Rd 3- Leben smiling before the round and Jackson warns DB whats coming. Leben attacks but he doesn’t have much to start either. DB’s initial shot is blocked but he separates and re-shoots and lands the takedown against the cage. Big knee to the body as Leben escapes. Leben is struggling too now. Both fighters are just throwing tired punches and Brunson is landing more. Overhand by Brunson. Leben tries to storm in but everything is telegraphed. Two minutes left. Weak shot by brunson just to stall out. Leben lands a left but Brunson circles out and sticks Leben with a jab. Leg kicks by Brunson. Big lefts by Leben are block and Brunson lands a big takedown with :45 left. Leben throwing desperately and throws an illegal upkick that barely misses. 10 seconds left and brunson misses a big exchange and screams in exhaustion as the horn ends. MMAFrenzy has the round and the fight for Brunson 30-27.

Derek Brunson def. Chris Leben via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


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