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Five Reasons To Get Excited for Bellator’s Eighth Season

MMA Frenzy was recently given the opportunity to sit down with Bjorn Rebney and discuss some of the intriguing points of the forthcoming eighth season. Having started his career a fight lawyer, the MMA game has always been a bit business, a bit pleasure with the Bellator CEO, and it’s never been more apparent than it is heading into tonight’s Spike TV debut. 

More Tournaments, More Title Fights

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The most overwhelming criticism of Bellator as an MMA promotion in times past was the lack of fights for their champions. Due to the format, once a fighter had gold around his waist, he would be forced to sit out and wait for the next tournament to be completed. This often led to the company allowing their titleholders to take superfights and bouts outside of the promotion, sometimes with disastrous outcomes.

No more. According to Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney, “Super fights and fights outside of the organization are a thing of the past.

Bellator is now in a place where they can run more tournaments per-season and allow their champions to have a robust schedule that would see them defending their titles more often.

This season alone, the organization is running five simultaneous tournaments, some of which are in divisions that are already backlogged with challengers.

“Our champions will be defending very regularly, on a consistent basis, because we have all the tournaments we need now. There are a lot of incredible world title fights that we'll get to see,” added Rebney when asked about the title picture.

The CEO was never mum about his desire to eliminate the need for those one-off battles for their champions, and now that the issue has been resolved, he’s made that clear. “It’s the format I had in my head many years ago, and this is the way it was supposed to work,” he said of the current title situation.

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