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Bellator Recap – Zayats Bodies Babalu, Noe Pounds Petruzelli

mikhailzayatsIt was a gut wrenching night for the veterans of the Bellator Season 8 Light Heavyweight Tournament at the UCI Bren Center in Irvine, California. Former UFC fighters “Babalu” Sobral and Seth Petruzelli both found themselves, quite literally, knocked out of the tournament in the quarterfinals.

A veteran of over fifteen years, Sobral started well against Mikhail Zayats. “Babablu” was able to control the bout in the clinch and land kicks to the leg and body of the Russian. While Zayats threw in combination, the Brazilian seemed to be on cruise control, he landed a punch that wobbled his opponent, but failed to capitalize. With little time left on the clock, the Rusfighter connected with a spinning back-fist that left the legend reeling. While Sobral fled, he was met with a thunderous left  that sent him to the mat. Clearly out, the Brazilian was shown no mercy from Zayats, who pounded him with hammer fists until the he was pulled off at 4:49 of the round, dashing the title hopes of Sobral.

“The Silverback” never truly got it going inside the cage, through no fault of his own. When Seth Petruzelli was met with punches early on, he shot in on a single, but was easily shucked away by Jacob Noe. “The Psycho” had the karate specialist looking tentative, but “The Kimbo Killer” would eventually open up and begin landing strikes of his own, damaging the eye of his opponent. It was a lazy double that proved to be this undoing. As the Team Vortex pancaked Petruzelli, something ostensibly went wrong with his knee, as he immediately turtled up and was pounded at until the ref showed mercy at 2:51, advancing Noe to the semifinals.


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