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Court Denies Eddie Alvarez’s Request to Fight at UFC 159

Eddie AlvarezEmbattled lightweight Eddie Alvarez saw his request for a preliminary injunction against Bellator in order to fight at UFC 159 denied today by a New Jersey court. The decision was a win for Bellator, as Alvarez will remain with the company for now. However, this also means that litigation will continue if Alvarez decides to continue with his case.

Alvarez had asked the court to issue an injunction after alleging that not fighting on April 27 would do irreparable harm to him. US District Court Judge Jose L. Linares ruled that Bellator was neither illegally preventing him from fighting nor was there any indication that not fighting at UFC 159 would cause undue harm to the fighter. Judge Linares stated that Alvarez’s case for a preliminary injunction asked for too much speculation from the court.

While the Judge did not rule in favor of Alvarez’s injunction, he also left the door open for further argument about the longterm future of Alvarez. Judge Linares stated that while the value of Bellator’s Spike TV deal and the UFC’s Fox Network deal are valid argument points in terms of matching contracts, that the court could not rule on them at this time.

This was a short-term victory for Bellator, however much will rest on whether or not Alvarez will want to pursue further litigation which could go on for a longtime. Alvarez could not be reached for comment following the decision.


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