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UFC Chatter: Randy Couture to “Mix Things Up”

Randy Couture UFC“Absolutely my wrestling will come into play (during my fight with Gabriel Gonzaga). I think my wrestling comes into play in every fight. I think my boxing works as well as it does because everybody is worried about being taken down. They’re worried about that other dimension. A little head fake or a little level change and they assume right away I’m shooting to take them down and put them on the ground. And that allows me then to throw a combination, throw a punch, throw a kick. Mix things up to a point where they don’t know what’s coming, and I think that’s why my striking has been effective. I think that I can’t allow Gonzaga to think I’m just going to go out there and try to bang with him. That’s the closest I’ve ever come to a one-punch knockout was with Tim [Sylvia]. I’ve never been known as a knockout puncher. I’m more of a battle of attrition, take you down beat you up till you really don’t want to fight anymore type of fighter…Both of us are probably going to be looking to set up and find a way to knock the other one down and control that dominant position on the ground.”

– – UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture comments on his upcoming fight with Gabriel Gonzaga in an interview with Newsday.


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