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UFC 156 Main Event Recap: Aldo Retains the Belt in Great Fight With Edgar

jose_aldo_ufc142The UFC kicked off their 2013 pay-per-view year tonight with a stacked UFC 156 fight card. Tonight’s main event delivered as UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo defeated Frankie Edgar via unanimous decision to remain the champion in a great fight. Be sure to check out our full UFC 156 coverage including recaps of the other PPV fights, play-by-play, and more.

Aldo Defeats Edgar

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo built an insurmountable lead early to defeat former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar in a thrilling fight. Aldo landed big legkicks early that did a ton of damage to the New Jersey native. The ever-resilient Edgar would not go quietly however and lead a concerted effort to try and wrest the title from Aldo in the final three frames. The Brazilian would have none of it however, and despite slowing down, managed to snag the unanimous decision victory.

After the fight, an excited Aldo stated he still plans to stay at featherweight despite the hard weight cut. Aldo also took the time to dedicate the victory to the victims of the fire that claimed the lives of more than 230 people in Santa Maria, Brazil last week.

A clearly dejected Edgar said was unsure of his next move, stating that he would need some time to decide his next move.


Rd. 1- Steve Mazzagatti is our referee and we have a touch of gloves and we’re off. Edgar opens up the action with a legkick but Aldo responds with a body kick. Leg kick by Edgar and he evades an Aldo combo. Big uppercut catches Edgar coming in. Aldo’s jab is quick and accurate. Big straight right from Aldo stops Edgar’s movement. Aldo is finding his range early. Aldo’s jab is landing a lot so far. Spinning back kick attempt by Edgar. Wicked right from Aldo as Edgar advances.Aldo doubles on the jab as Edgar lands one of his own. Edgar is bleeding from the nose here. Also is controlling the pace through the first four minutes. Massive legkick by Aldo connects. Another huge legkick by Aldo as Edgar tries a combo. Headkick by Aldo. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Aldo.

Rd. 2- Strong right by Aldo to open up the round but Edgar lands one of his own. Edgar with a solid legkick but eats a wicked counter combo by Aldo. Edgar tries a single but it’s not there. Great even exchange there. Edgar in on a single but Aldo stays up. Wicked legkick by Aldo stumbles Edgar. Nice exchange by both fighters and then Aldo drops Edgar with a big legkick. Another legkick as Frankie is trying to avoid and find a hole in his defenses to no avail. Flying knee by Aldo but Edgar recovers in the clinch. Edgar anticipates the legkick and lands a hard takedown and punch before Aldo scrambles up. Frankie is turning it up but Aldo tones him down with a nice double jab. Better round for Edgar, but Aldo has it. MMAFrenzy scores it 10-9 Aldo (20-18).

Rd. 3- Driving takedown by Edgar but Aldo springs back up. Nice right by Edgar. Front kick to the body by Edgar. Great even exchanges here. Huge front kick to the face by Aldo turns Edgar’s nose into a faucet but he keeps pressing. Nice combos by both fighters. Edgar with a solid combo. Aldo is reestablishing his jab now. Great legkick by Edgar and he lands another one before Aldo lands a left hook. Wicked combo by Aldo and he lands another one. Big right hand by Frankie connects and he checks an Aldo legkick. Aldo stuffs an Edgar takedown with authority. Another hard shot by Edgar though.Inside legkick by Frankie. Big jab by Aldo. Hard body kick by Edgar as the round ends and Aldo misses a spinning kick. MMAFrenzy has it narrowly for Edgar 10-9 (29-28).

Rd. 4- Legkicks by Edgar to open the round. Legkick by Edgar and a spinning backkick by Aldo just misses. Great combo by Edgar but Aldo stops the kick at the end. Another nice combo by Edgar before he lands a spinning back kick of his own. Edgar with a snatch single attempt and Aldo rebuffs him. Fighters exchange shots but Edgar is scoring more. Nice combo by Edgar and he lands a big snatch and return takedown. Aldo springs back up but Edgar  is landing big knees to the thighs here. Legkick by Edgar and Aldo avoids the single leg takedown. MMAFrenzy has it all tied headed to the third. 10-9 Edgar (38-38).

Rd. 5- Accidental eyepoke but Frankie waves it off. Stiff jab by Aldo. Takedown attempt by Edgar is stopped but Edgar lands a nice over-the-top right. Spinning back kick by Edgar partially lands. Takedown attempt by Edgar is again stuffed but he lands a solid punch. Nice combo punctuated by a legkick from Edgar. Edgar is really pushing the pace here. Brief clinch and Edgar lands a great knee on the exit. Another solid combo and then a headkick by Edgar. Inside legkick by Edgar is answered by a big punch from Aldo. Great combo by Edgar but he misses the takedown. Big combo again by Edgar. Amazing fight with only :30 left. Big uppercut by Aldo misses and Edgar answers with a big right. Huge superman punch off the cage to end the fight. MMAFrenzy has the round and the fight going to Edgar 48-47. Could go either way though.

Jose Aldo def. Frankie Edgar via unanimous decision (49-46,49-46,48-47)


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