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UFC 156 Review

UFC 156 SquareUFC 156 took place last Saturday night in front of a raucous crowd. While the individual winners and losers have been established, it is time to look at the overall score of the of the card. MMAFrenzy will rank different aspects of the card on a scale of 1-10 to establish an overall score for PPV.

Main Event: Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar’s duel in Vegas fell just short of being a true classic this past Saturday night. While Edgar certainly scored more as the fight wore on, arguably taking multiple rounds, Aldo dominated in the damage department, much like difference between LTL rounds and normal ammunition in a shotgun. With only one side being in danger of being finished, it drops the score just a bit. Score: 9

Co-Main Event: Rashad Evans vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Perhaps the stunning loss of Rashad Evan’s teammate, Overeem, weighed heavily on his mind or Evans looked past Nogueira. Either way, Evans dropped the ball in a fight he was heavily favored to win. While Rogerio did exactly what he needed to do to win, it was far from compelling television. Score: 4

Alistair Overeem vs. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva

While it was a thrilling conclusion, the majority of the bout was far from it. Score: 7.5

Demian Maia vs. Jon Fitch

Domination, pure and total technical domination, is the only way to describe this bout. While it wasn’t exactly thrilling to watch, the importance of this bout added more to the score. Score: 7.5

Joe Benavidez vs. Ian McCall

This fight is what flyweight is all about, impressive technical action with a blend of power and speed that is hard to find elsewhere. Perfect opener for the UFC 156 card and it certainly set up the division for 2013. Score: 9

Final Average: 7.4 – Very Good

While the UFC 156 fight card certainly scored very high in some areas, a lackluster co-main event hurt the card’s overall score and made a great card a very good card instead.


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