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Mark DellaGrotte Was Surprised by Kevin James Commitment

Mark DellaGrotte

Mark DellaGrotte

Renowned MMA and Muay Thai trainer Mark DellaGrotte recently spoke with Rebellion Media’s Colin Hunter about his appearance in the movie “Here Comes the Boom.” One thing in particular stood out to the about his role as trainer (in the movie and in real life) to the movie’s star, Kevin James, and that was the actor’s full commitment to the role and to MMA in general.

Said DellaGrotte:

“I normally put a fighter through 10 to 12 weeks of training camp. Kevin went through more than two years of preparation for this movie. I’m talking about training, dieting, sweating, hitting pads, rolling with Bas Rutten, doing jiu-jitsu – we were pulling out kitchen sinks and throwing them at this guy. He trained just as hard as any fighter I’ve ever trained for the Octagon.”

Be sure to head over to FightLine for the full interview with DellaGrotte.


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