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The Ultimate Fighter 17 – Episode 4 Recap

Colin HartThe Ultimate Fighter 17 returned to action tonight on FX. This week featured the third bout in The Ultimate Fighter house as Team Sonnen’s Kevin Casey took on Team Jones’s  Colin Hart. Be sure to stay tuned to MMAFrenzy as we track fourteen middleweights, coached by UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen, vying to become The Ultimate Fighter. [Spoilers Below]

The show begins with the aftermath of last week’s stunning knockout of Adam Cella. Cella gets back to the house in good spirits, and tracks down Hall and jokingly asks why he had to kick him so hard. Cella says he cannot even remember fighting.

Cut to Colin Hart, as the Team Jones fighter recounts being bullied early in his life. Coach Jones works with the fighter and works on building his confidence prior to the fight.

Back at the house, some of the guys bring up Kevin Casey’s past as a freestyle rapper. Gilbert Smith tries to start off a rap battle, with one of the worst freestyles ever, and Casey quickly jumps in as the camera cuts between his rap and the fighter talking about his background. Team Jones’ Clint Hester jumps in at the end, but it is clear that Casey is the one that actually knows what he is doing.

Later at the house, Bubba McDaniel continues to annoy his teammates by worrying about when he will finally fight. While Team Sonnen talks about setting up their next fight as well. Suddenly the power goes out, and Team Sonnen decides to prank Team Jones but nothing goes to plan. Casey makes sure to annoy his upcoming opponent, Hart, and Team Jones finds the rather sad prank attempt pretty lame.

Both fighters make weight for the fight, however Hart angers Casey by giving him the old Stockton salute (in response to the previous night’s prank) and Casey moves and goes forehead to forehead with Hart before Smith steps in a separates the fighters.

Back at the house, everyone is a little surprised by Hart flicking off Casey before the handshake. Uriah Hall talks to Hart and the fighter says he did it for messing with him in his sleep the previous night. Hall says he is disappointed in Hart but Casey is not upset and says he just needs to teach the younger fighter a lesson.

It is fight day, and Coach Jones is clearly craving a victory and feels Colin could come up big in the fight the longer the fight goes.

Kevin Casey vs. Colin Hart

  1. No glove touch and CH quickly has KC down with a powerful takedown. CH has side control briefly but KC recovers guard. Casey is controlling posture as  he lands small shots and looks to posture. CH is caught in a guillotine but it’s never close but KC gets back to his feet and takes control of the clinch. KC dries a double but gets caught in double unders and CH lands a good knee. KC pummels back in but loses it and CH takes double unders again and begins throwing knees. Seems to be the recipe for CH here, as he is clearly better at pummeling in. KC tries to conrtol against the cage but again gives up double unders and eats some knees. Short flurry from KC doesn’t land and CH takes control as the round ends with double underhooks, and throws some knees to seal the round. 10-9 Hart
  2. KC was really breathing hard during rounds, and CH looks fresher as the round begins. KC comes out looking to bang but gets caught twice by CH and tries to clinch. The last punch blew KC’s cut wide open and he is bleeding bad as CH takes control in the clinch and is landing hard knees to the thighs. CH can’t land a leg sweep, so smartly rotates around to the back and backtrips KC down. CH with some hard shots and passes to side control and works to half mount. Jones calls for shoulder strikes and CH drops some nice ones. CH with some nice elbows in side control but KC works back to guard. Jones calls for CH to roll the elbows and he obliges his coach yet again. KC tries to explode up again with only thirty left, almost landing an illegal kick, and CH rains down strikes as the round wins. Hart should take it easily 20-18. Team Jones coach Bubba Jenkins teases Hart and tells him to ask for another round after the solid performance.

Colin Hart def. Kevin Casey via unanimous decision (20-18,20-18,20-18)

The Ultimate Fighter 17 Results:

Team Sonnen
Luke Barnatt def. Gilbert Smith via knockout (flying knee) – Round 2
Uriah Hall def. Adam Cella via KO (spinning hook kick) – Round 1
Zak Cummings
Tor Troeng
Jimmy Quinlan
Kevin Casey (lost to Colin Hart)
Kelvin Gastelum

Team Jones
Clint Hester
Josh Samman
Robert “Bubba” McDaniel
Gilbert Smith (lost to Luke Barnatt)
Colin Hart def. Kevin Casey via unanimous decision (20-18,20-18,20-18)
Adam Cella (lost to Uriah Hall)
Dylan Andrews

Fight Selection:

Hart apologizes to Sonnen for his actions at weigh-ins. Hart seems happy to win but mad that he did not finish. After the win Hart jumps on the treadmill for a run, while Team Sonnen’s Casey is frustrated with his performance. Jones  has the choice for the fight and picks Bubba McDaniel vs. Kelvin Gastelum.


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