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The Ultimate Fighter 17 – Episode 5 Recap

FX_TUF_S3_FightersInfo_0010_Kelvin-GastelumThe Ultimate Fighter 17 returned to action tonight on FX. This week featured the fourth bout in The Ultimate Fighter house as Team Sonnen’s Kelvin Gastelum took on Team Jones’ Bubba McDaniel. Be sure to stay tuned to MMAFrenzy as we track fourteen middleweights, coached by UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen, vying to become The Ultimate Fighter. [Spoilers Below]

This week’s episode begins with UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey calling Coach Chael Sonnen to tell this week’s fighter, Kelvin Gastelum, that if he won she would come out and run a training session. Outside of the room, Sonnen and Coach Jon Jones talk over the upcoming matchup. A side confessional has Jones admitting that the situation with Sonnen is a bit strange since he usually likes to keep his distance from guys prior to fighting them.

Back at the house, Sonnen and some of his staff show up to bond with the fighters by playing charades. Team Sonnen’s Uriah Hall gives Team Jones’ Gilbert Smith a deservedly hard time for being undressed. Meanwhile, Team Jones’ Bubba McDaniel is in a less than friendly mood, as the fighter recounts the struggles he faced along the way.

The episode cuts to the gym, and Gastelum is talking about his background. The youngest fighter in the history of this tournament is a bail bondsman from Arizona and is looking to improve his life by winning. Kelvin talks about his wrestling and his evolving boxing game being the thing that helps him. Sonnen then pulls the team together and gives the team a pep talk about not worrying about fights, insisting the only thing different on fight day is the environment.

Cut to Team Jones’ training session and Jones talks over how he believes in letting the fighters be themselves but to control the fight picks. Fighter Josh Samman tries to lobby the coaches to let him fight later rather than sooner due to injuries. Jones’ staff, coaches Bubba Jenkins and Jon Wood, is less than understanding and feels the fighter is simply trying to get his way. Jones says he feels a few guys are trying to do this and he talks with his coaches about setting up some form of boundaries and leadership.

Jones talks with McDaniel about keeping his confidence going and believes McDaniel wants this fight to be anything but a wrestling matchup. The seasoned fighter says he usually feels pressure when his coaches talk like this but he feels this time it is true.

Prior to weigh-ins, Sonnen brings in actor and former boxer Mickey Rourke to talk to both teams about the struggles all fighters will face and his own personal struggles. Both fighters are on weight, and the fight is set.

Bubba McDaniel vs. Kelvin Gastelum

  1.  BM starts off the action with an exchange and gets himself taken down in the process. BM quickly works up but then finds himself stuck on the ground again in a front headlock situation. After a brief struggle BM reverses and lands some nice punches before taking KG’s back. More punches and a choke attempt by BM but KG keeps his composure and works his way back to his feet. KG hits a standing Peterson roll but BM uses an armbar attempt to sweep and take mount. KG gives up his back and takes some shots but escapes. BM with a bad takedown attempt and gets reversed but then reverses KG. KG then scrambles and reverses BM as the round ends. KG tries a jumping punch as the round ends. Close round, but MMAFrenzy scores it 10-9 McDaniel.
  2. Legkick by KG to start the round. Spinning back kick by BM lands.Fighters clinch and BM tries an ugly attempt at a hip toss but ends up stuck in side control. KG tries a guillotine bit quickly loses it and BM takes his back. BM gets high on the back and misses an armbar and KG reverses him and lands some good punches. Fighters go north-south and then KG reestablishes position in back mount and takes McDaniels back and chokes him out.

Kelvin Gastelum def. Robert “Bubba” McDaniel via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 2

The Ultimate Fighter 17 Results:

Team Sonnen
Luke Barnatt def. Gilbert Smith via knockout (flying knee) – Round 2
Uriah Hall def. Adam Cella via KO (spinning hook kick) – Round 1
Zak Cummings
Tor Troeng
Jimmy Quinlan
Kevin Casey (lost to Colin Hart)
Kelvin Gastelum def. Robert “Bubba” McDaniel via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 2

Team Jones
Clint Hester
Josh Samman
Robert “Bubba” McDaniel (lost to Kelvin Gastelum)
Gilbert Smith (lost to Luke Barnatt)
Colin Hart def. Kevin Casey via unanimous decision (20-18,20-18,20-18)
Adam Cella (lost to Uriah Hall)
Dylan Andrews

Fight Selection:

Rousey calls after the fight again and congratulates Gastelum. Sonnen has the next pick and decides  to pit Josh Samman vs. Tor Troéng.


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