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Tyson Nam: “Just Another Day at The Office” (Exclusive)

44d4fff31fe71cd6ea88f063bab937ad_XL-566x407Bantamweight prospect Tyson Nam announced his arrival to the world on August 25 of 2012, the Hawaiian transplant took a trip to Brazil and knocked out the reigning Bellator champion Eduardo Dantas, sending his stock skyrocketing in the MMA world. It hasn’t all been fun and games since, however.

After finding himself locked in a legal battle with the aforementioned promotion, the SportsLab fighter finally found himself free, which opened the door for the 29-year-old to join the ranks of the World Series of Fighting, where he will meet Marlon Moraes on March 23.

MMAFrenzy recently caught up with Nam to discuss his battles Moraes, Dantas, and Bellator, as well as several other things that have made up the narrative of his career hitherto.

Tyson, on March 23, you’re fighting Marlon Moraes at the World Series of Fighting’s sophomore show, can you talk about that match-up a bit?

Tyson Nam: I think it’s going to be a great show, WSOF 2 has a great headliner, some really good undercard fights, and what might be the best fight of the night in the co-main event with Marlon and myself. We’re going to put on a really good show.

You were in the arena for Moraes’ upset victory over Miguel Torres, you were even brought into the cage after he had his hand raised. What were your thoughts on Marlon from watching?

TN: Man, he surprised everybody. He was able to knockdown Miguel, take him down, and put on a great performance. I don’t know why the crowd was booing, I thought it was a great performance and I was on the edge of my seat. He showed that anything could happen at any moment. He’s fast and he’s very strong. It’s going to be a hell of a fight on March 23. I do actually wish they would had let me talk a bit more when I got into the cage, but that didn’t happen.

In his fight with Torres, he showed a very diverse attack as you mentioned, even implementing some techniques that aren’t typically seen in MMA, like is his ability to land a turning side kicks seemingly at will. How are you preparing for what you saw that night?

TN: We’ve brought in new coaches to train me with those kinds of strikes. I mean, my teammates as well, they practice those fancy and flashy kicks as well. It’s not going to be something out of left field that I haven’t seen before; we’re preparing for it. I think I’ll be able to handle anything he throws at me.

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