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Dana White: Nick Diaz “Close” to Losing Title Shot Again

Dana White 2013UFC president Dana White again voiced his displeasure with UFC welterweight contender Nick Diaz following the UFC 157 Post-Fight Press Conference. White went so far as to say he was actually considering pulling the welterweight fighter from the upcoming UFC 158 fight card.

“I hope we don’t come to that,” White said in the UFC 157 media scrum. “I’m really close. I don’t want to be. I don’t want to do this. It sucks.”

White is apparently frustrated over Diaz, and his brother Nate, missing tapings for the UFC Primetime specials ahead of UFC 158. While Diaz’s lawyer tried to refute the claims by White, the UFC president recently spoke to him and set the record straight.

Said White:

“He did not (show up and) neither did his brother Nate, and we spent over $50,000 in production costs and guys cruising around Stockton, Calif., and not interviewing people. It’s not funny. We’re very cool and very lenient in a lot of ways. Look at this company. Look how we are. We let a lot of things fly. But that’s just absolute [BS].”

The UFC president also had some choice words for the fans of Diaz who think the company is being ridiculous, said White:

“All the fans are like, ‘Shut up, Dana. Let Nick fight.’ You shut up, idiots. This is how it works. This is the job. This is what we do. Go to your f–king job and tell your boss, ‘I don’t want to this or that.’ That’s not how it works. It’s  part of the job. I’ve shown the Diaz brothers a ton of respect. They can show some respect back. I hope I don’t even have to think about that. It’s the last thing on earth I want to do.”

Diaz is currently set to vie for the UFC welterweight title at UFC 158 on March 16 against champion Georges St-Pierre.


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