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UFC Tonight: Dana White Talks Aldo vs. Pettis

Dana White 2013UFC president Dana White took to UFC Tonight on Tuesday evening to discuss a myriad of issues including the recent problems with making a bout between UFC featherweight champion José Aldo and Anthony Pettis.

White insisted the bout itself was not hard to make at all, but that there were lingering issues with what happens after the bout until recently.

Said White:

“It wasn’t difficult to get the fight. I called Andre [Pederneiras] yesterday and it took two minutes to get the fight done. He said that after Aldo beats Pettis, he wants to move up to 155 and fight there. I said that was fine, but one of the matchmakers called and said there was a misunderstanding, that he wants to go to 155, win the title, and go back to 145. That’s not happening. If he moves to 155, he stays at 155 and he holds that belt. If Pettis wins the fight, Pettis is going to have to stay at 145 and defend that belt a couple of times.”

UFC featherweight champion José Aldo will meet Anthony Pettis on August 3. The UFC has confirmed that Aldo will get a shot at the winner of UFC on Fox 7’s bout between UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson and former Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez.


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