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GLORY 5’s Tyrone Spong on Remy Bonjasky, WSOF, Ramon Dekkers, and More (Exclusive)

tyroneGLORY World Series heads to London, England on March 23 for GLORY 5. Headlining the card will be a fantastic matchup of elite heavyweights as Tyrone Spong (68-6-1, 42 KO’s) takes on Remy Bonjasky (77-15, 40 KO’s). MMAFrenzy caught up with Spong ahead of his matchup with “The Flying Gentleman” for a quick Q and A covering a variety of topics including his GLORY 5 opponent, his growing MMA career, the passing of kickboxing legend Ramon Dekkers, and more.

MMAFrenzy: What are your thoughts on opponent Remy Bonjasky?

“Bonjasky is very well known, he’s a big champion. He’s a hard opponent.”

This will be your first fight with GLORY, is this a one-time fight or multi-fight deal?

“I got a contract with them for four fights.”

You made your MMA debut with the World Series of Fighting this past November at WSOF 1, how does the GLORY deal impact your return to the cage?

“I’m going to do both, [and] I am going to both at the same damn time.”

So when will you be returning to MMA?

“It will be later this year, I’m going to be fighting with WSOF. Also looking forward to it. You know, I just like fighting and the full-contact [that comes with it].”

The kickboxing world lost a titan last week with the passing of Ramon Dekkers, can you share your thoughts Dekker’s passing?

Oh yeah, you know I’m so sorry for his family and all of the fans out there. Even me as a little boy, like 13 years old, I remember watching him and his video tapes. For me he was really a role model and also motivation because everybody knows I wasn’t the biggest guy starting out, I was small, and Ramon was a small guy too. So it made more sense for me to see him as a role model, and for a really long time he was just a role model of how I wanted to fight. [He] was exciting, and I feel real bad because he was a legend in the sport that passed away.

slide-home-aertssDo you train with a different gym while preparing for kickboxing bouts rather than MMA?

I train at one gym, the gym of champions, Blackzillians at the Jaco Hybrid training center.

The Blackzilians have taken some recent criticism – both fair and unfair – for some team members struggles, how is the mood down there and what are your thoughts on the recent struggles?

Shit happens man, you know, it’s a combat sport. Two people go in and there is only one winner. You know if you fail one time it doesn’t make you a failure, you step up and make the best of it. You show everybody what you’re made of and comeback stronger. And I think that is what the team is going to do and I’m going to start it on March 23.

Will this be your first time fighting in London?

Yup, going to be a big bang for Big Ben.

Anything you want to say to your fans?

Thank for all your support, I’m getting a lot messages [of support] on twitter. For the people that don’t know, I’m on twitter @tyronespong and I appreciate you supporting me and I’m going to put on a good show. Also follow the for updates on me and what’s happening in my career and follow my team.

Be sure to tune in March 23 as Tyrone Spong will return to action against “The Flying Gentleman” Remy Bonjasky at GLORY 5 in London, England. GLORY 5 will air via online PPV via the Glory World Series website.


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