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UFC Chatter: Karo Parisyan “was supposed to fight Matt Hughes at UFC 68”

Karko Parisyan“I was supposed to fight Matt Hughes at UFC 68. But the same evening they asked me to fight him, they texted me and said you’re not going to fight him, we’re going to get him someone else. I think I would have a great chance to beat Matt. I don’t think he should even have a title fight right now. The way he was happy that St. Pierre was knocked out? That’s not cool. There’s nothing about Hughes that I like. I used to like him a while back, but he has nothing to offer anyone. He’s a coach on The Ultimate Fighter with Matt Serra, and I still can’t believe that fight’s happening. I still don’t think he deserves a title shot at all. The way he was celebrating when GSP got knocked out was kind of pathetic. He should want to fight St. Pierre, because the way he lost to GSP was a joke. He got literally manhandled.

They called me up in the winter and said in two months, you’ll fight him in Ohio. I said great. I talked to [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva very briefly. I said whatever you guys want. But then, the same night, I got a message saying they were going to match him up with someone else. “

– – Oft overlooked welterweight contender Karo Parisyan comments on his planned fight with Matt Hughes at UFC 68 in an interview with NBC Sports.


In the same interview Karo was asked about what he felt he would be doing after his fight with Josh Burkman at UFC 71 assuming he wins. Parisyan responded that he didn’t know what was next but that he was going to ask for a title shot in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan.


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