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UFC Chatter: Tito Ortiz on Rashad Evans and Beyond

Tito OrtizQ: What do you think of Rashad as a fighter? He’s obviously improved a lot since he first came into the UFC in The Ultimate Fighter?

A: I think he’s a really good fighter. He has great wrestling base, his boxing skills have gotten a lot better, but I haven’t really seen his ground game at all, so that could be something I see as a weakness. How does he perform in front of 18,000 fans? How does he react to all that? I’m going to put the pressure on him, and he’s going to realize at some point, ‘I’m fighting Tito Ortiz.’ I’m very vicious when I fight, and I come out to hurt my opponent and make an exciting fight for the fans. For Rashad, he’s a great wrestler with great standup, but is he ready for my tempo. The story will be told on 7/7/07.

Q. Do you think UFC would be willing to give you another title match given those circumstances and do you think that’s a fight people want to see?

A: I’m not sure. The first time I fought Chuck was three years ago and I was on a rampage, dominating most of my fights. Do I deserve another shot? Sure. I gave him a great fight last time, a better fight than most have given Chuck, and I’m sure I’d do better if we fought again. But I think it comes down to what the fans want. I’d like to get in there and get another chance at the title, and I’m sure Chuck’s willing to do it. The pay-per-view we did last time was bigger than anything UFC has ever done. It comes down to giving fans what they want to see.

– – Part of a recent interview by NBC Sports with light heavyweight contender Tito Ortiz


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