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The Ultimate Fighter 5: Episode 6 Recap

Ultimate Fighter 5 Cast

Spoiler Warning!

Continue reading only if you want to know the details and results from episode 6 of The Ultimate Fighter 5…

This weeks episode featured 2 fights after last weeks 0 due to Gabe coming in overweight. This limited the show to almost all fighting and less house antics and drama and I think I like the show a lot more when they get straight to the point.

The first bout of the episode pitted Team Penn’s Joe Lauzon against Team Pulver’s Brian Geraghty. Before the fight starts the show recaps Lauzon’s win at UFC 63 over Jens Pulver but Jens urges Brian to forget they ever fought.

The fight began with Lauzon scoring a very good takedown and then working him on the ground with solid strikes. Geraghty tries to get away and momentarily does but he is quickly snagged back by Lauzon who locks in a rear naked choke and Geraghty taps. Very quick fight that had Lauzon looking very impressive.

Post fight Geraghty says it was his worst fight ever and that he needs to improve but he doesn’t get nearly as emotional as other fighters this season.

Next fight is a mismatch on paper with 6 foot 4 Corey Hill from Team Pulver facing recalled Rob Emerson from Penn’s team. Before the fight Hill confides in his coach that his MMA record is not 4-0 professionally but instead it is 2-0 as an amateur.

The fight was all stand up. Hill had a big reach advantage and took the first round rather handily firing punches at will. Emerson learned from the round and employed kicks and flying punches to counter Corey’s reach an succeeded winning round 2. The judges scored it even so they went to a 3rd and final round.

In a disappointing 3rd round devoid of any real action the fighters kept circling with Emerson delivering a few more big kicks seemingly locking up the decision but in a surprise move (to me anyways) the judges gave the round and the match to Corey.

Emerson was dejected after the bout having lost for the second time in another close match. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him in the UFC eventually because he has talent and a great heart, at least how he is portrayed on the show. After the fight Hill admits that the fight was his first MMA fight ever. Dana White, knowing this all along, states that he had so much raw talent they decided to give him a shot.

Another 2 fights on the show next week with Team Penn’s Gray Maynard and Matt Wiman facing Marlon Sims and Wayne Weems. I see both of these fights going in Team Penn’s favor but we’ll see how they play out next week.

Team Penn
Gray Maynard
Matt Wiman
Joe Lauzon (1-0)
Rob Emerson
Gabe Ruediger

Andy Wang
Noah Thomas
Allen Berube

Team Pulver
Wayne Weems
Marlon Sims
Corey Hill (1-0)
Manny Gamburyan (1-0)
Cole Miller (1-0)
Brandon Melendez (1-0)
Nate Diaz (1-0)
Brian Geraghty


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