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UFC Chatter: Chuck Liddell Talks “Bad Blood”

Chuck Liddell“Tito’s whole take on this is killing me [referring to Tito’s match with Dana White]. It’s hilarious. When he first pulled out, he said, ‘I don’t want to risk getting hurt, and that Dana was almost a pro boxer.’ It sounds to me like he didn’t want to look like a p—-.I thought the whole thing was silly to begin with. But my problem with what he said now is, why would he make those comments he made at first? It sounded like he was afraid to fight him. But he’s been changing [what he said] ever since.Listen, boxing is a different sport, and it’s a sport he’s definitely not real good at. That’s not his thing. His thing is wrestling, ground-and-pound. He’s not a boxer and he doesn’t like getting hit. He’s not real good at it.

He knew what he was getting into. He trained and sparred with Dana before back in the day. But there came a point where he might have realized, people are going to see us, and I might look bad. Maybe he remembered he’s not great a boxer. A boxing match is a totally different thing than an MMA match.

think if Tito got clipped real hard, he would’ve covered up for the whole rest of the fight. He doesn’t hit hard enough to hurt Dana. He might’ve gotten outboxed. He probably would have.”

– – UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell discusses the “bad blood” match between Tito Ortiz and Dana White that never happened in an interview with NBC Sports.


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