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Quote of the Day: Vitor Belfort Knocked Out Terry Martin With Broken Hand

Vitor Belfort“The first punch I threw. It was a straight left. I knew right away it broke. But I had to keep going. I couldn’t throw my combinations I had worked on. Coach Tompkins was yelling at me to throw my combos. At the end of the first round I went back to the corner and Tompkins was yelling at me, “Why don’t you throw your combos?” I said, “My hand is broken”. He said, “Ok” and Randy said, “Just go first. Go for it and finish the fight”.

I said to myself, “Ok, I’ll do that”. It was great chemistry in the corner. I went out and I did what they said. I was looking to land a big shot and get it over with. It’s my left hand, which is my power hand. I went out and threw the kick at Terry. When he caught my kick I let him take me down so I could soften him up with the elbows. I knew I could get back to my feet when I needed to. Then I set him up for the knee. After that I was able to pick his head up with the uppercut and end it with the straight left.

[It was broken in] two places. At the base of my thumb and at the base of the index finger. I don’t need surgery. The doctor says 4 weeks in the brace and then I will be OK.

I’ll go relax in Brazil for a few weeks. See my family, who I miss so much, hug my kids and stay with them. Go to the beach with them. Stay at the pool at my house, go to church. Catch a movie with my wife, drink a bottle of wine with her. chill out see my family and friends. I’ll come back for my next camp.”

Vitor Belfort reveals on the Xtreme Couture blog that he defeated Terry Martin via second-round knockout at Affliction “Banned” with a multiple fractures in his left hand.


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