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Affliction “Banned” PPV Buys “Definitely” Greater Than 100,000

Affliction Banned PosterThough official pay-per-view statistics for Affliction “Banned” have yet to be released, the event “definitely” exceeded 100,000 buys according to Affliction vice president Tom Atencio through Yahoo! Sports:

“I don’t have everything on that yet, but for the people who felt this was going to be a total flop in that regard, I have news for them,” Atencio said. “It’s already done a lot better than what I’ve heard people speculating. I’m not going to release the (official) number, but it’s already well beyond what people have been saying. Well beyond.”

Atencio would only say the final number “definitely” would be beyond 100,000.

The strong pay-per-view buy rate coupled with a $2.085 million live gate and less-than-expected fighter salaries, which totaled greater than $3.4 million but were rumored to exceed $4 million, prove that Affliction is indeed legitimate competition for the UFC.

Affliction’s next event is tentatively scheduled for November 8th.


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