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Quote of the Day: Anthony Johnson To Appeal TKO Loss To Kevin Burns

Anthony Johnson“I’m going to appeal it and my agent, Ken Pavia, is going to appeal it and Dana thought it was bullshit whether it was unintentional or not. I don’t think the UFC wants fights to end that way.

As soon as the fight was over with, the UFC doctor and everyone was begging me to go to doctor. They checked me out and wanted to make sure I was okay so I followed up with a visit.

I was pretty disappointed in the TKO call. Burns was a test and they put a decent grappler against a decent striker and I think I held my own because he never came close to pulling off a submission on me. Everyone knows what type of person I am and this won’t set me back.

Right now, we just want to get this whole situation taken care of in the right way, but I would love a rematch.”

Anthony Johnson tells that he plans to appeal his TKO loss to Kevin Burns at UFC Fight Night 14 on July 19th. The main card fight was stopped in the third round after Burns accidentally poked Johnson in the eye and Johnson fell to the ground in pain. The fight was waved off and ruled a TKO, however, as the referee failed to see the eye poke and instead thought Johnson was knocked to the ground with what replays showed was a missed uppercut.

Though nothing is set yet, it is likely that Johnson and Burns will again meet in the octagon in the near future.


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