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Spike TV “never committed to airing UFC 72”

Spike TV ( was the first outlet to report that UFC 72 was to air on PPV as opposed to Spike TV. As it turns out Spike never planned on airing the event, despite it appearing as such on the UFC website. Steve Seivert from Brawl Sports got in touch with a Spike representative and here is what they had to say:’

“We were never scheduled to air that (UFC 72). I’ve heard the rumors (that Spike backed out of televising the show due to lack of a compelling fight lineup), but we never committed to airing UFC 72. It’s not as if we turned our backs on the UFC.

Three big fights in two weeks would have been very tough.”

One has to now look at the UFC and their decision to list the event as being broadcast on Spike despite the networks insistence that they never planned on showing the event. This situation has caused many fans to be angered that they would have to pay $39.95 for a PPV that is lacking a title fight, well known names, or any fights that have generated interest from fans. The UFC has not responded to these latest comment or the situation aside from saying that Spike chose not to air the event. They forgot to mention that the decision came long before the UFC listed the event as being broadcast on Spike.

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