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Drug Testing Confirmed for UFC 72

Dana White UFCAfter their major lapses at UFC 69 and UFC 70 in which no fighters were tested as well as UFC Fight Night 9 which had only a handful of the competitors complete drug screenings the UFC has announced that drug tests will be completed at UFC 72 in Belfast, Northern Ireland on June 16th. The news came from the Dana White who spoke to the Houston Chronicle on the situation:

“That’s the hard part about not having a commission (outside of the U.S.). I don’t know exactly how we’re going to figure that out yet, but there will be random drug testing at UFC 72. We can and we will (conduct drug testing), we just weren’t prepared for it at the last event (UFC 70).”

The UFC has been harshly criticized by many, including myself, who feel that proper self policing and drug testing is necessary for the sport to be in the mainstream spotlight. I saw this recent situation as a growing pain and not a major incident although many more events devoid of drug testing were sure to cause questions from many fans and lawmakers alike.


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