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UFC Chatter: Tim Sylvia Talks Pride Fighters, Title Hopes

Tim Sylvia“It’s kind of funny, all of these Pride guys are supposed to be the best and they’re better than the UFC. Then you got a guy who isn’t ranked in the top ten of the world knocks out the number two guy in the world. I think it goes to show you how much tougher the UFC guys are. Heath Herring came here and he didn’t live up to expectations. Wanderlei got pounded on and Gomi got beat by Nick Diaz. I just don’t know why the fans don’t realize how good the UFC guys are. Things are changing and I’m looking forward to getting back in there and mixing things up with all these guys.I want it [the UFC Heavyweight Title] back bad. I got to get back there and win the belt whatever I have to do. If it’s going to be Gonzaga, Randy, Cro Cop, it doesn’t matter. Nogueira, Heath Herring, I want to fight them all. I don’t care who has the belt when I come back. I’m on the road to getting it back and whoever has it, I’m planning on going in there and beating him up.”

– – Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia comments on Pride fighters having mild success in the UFC and his title hopes in an interview with MMA Weekly.


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