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UFC Chatter: Morrison Will Take on Liddell “Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere”

Tommy MorrisonFormer boxing contender recently turned mixed martial artist Tommy Morrison gave this reply to MMA Weekly in reponse to UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell’s drug induced stupor on “Good Morning Texas” when he stated he would like to fight Morrison:

“I couldn’t believe that. It’s one thing to talk about fighting someone, but another thing to actually do it. Let’s see if Chuck Liddell’s heart is as big as his mouth. He is crazy to want to get into the cage with me. I beat George Foreman. Nobody in the history of boxing hit harder than George Foreman. So why would I be afraid to get hit by Chuck Liddell? He should be the one to be afraid. Liddell has never been hit by anyone like me.

Dana White always talks about how a top cagefighter like Liddell could beat a top boxer, so here’s a chance to make it happen. I want to know if Liddell and Dana White really mean what they say or if they are just full of talk. I will take on Chuck Liddell anytime, anyplace, anywhere.”

Morrison will make his MMA debut on June 9th in Arizona in a Worldwide Fighting Championship event.


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