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UFC Chatter: Schafer’s Current Mood? Crappy

Eric “Ravishing Redâ€? Schafer“Current mood: crappy

In case you have not heard, I suffered a broken rib in practice yesterday and was forced to cancel my fight. I was doing some light boxing on Monday afternoon and took a body hook to my left side. I felt a crunch and I knew something was bad. I took a painful deep breath and fell to the ground. It was just a weird fluke where the punch hit the exact wrong spot at the exact wrong angle. I still cannot believe what happened… The hard training was done, I was in great shape, and just was writing about how uninjured I was.

I do not belive in bad luck, but after being almost injury proof for my first 27 years of life, I have been on quite a bad streak lately. Must be my old age catching up to me. I have torn my shoulder, broke my nose twice, torn my meniscus, and now broke this rib in the last 2.5 years. By the way, this rib thing is the most painful injury I have ever had. I learned last night that I better not lay down on my bed, because getting up was terrible torture. Looks like I am going to be sleeping while sitting up on the coach for the next few days. Not to mention how painful little things like coughing, laughing, and especially sneezing are…

Oh well, what can I do. The doc says the break will take 4-6 weeks to heal. Also if there is any cartilage damage, then it could take longer :(  I guess I can only hope that I can be back fighting in late July or August…”

Eric “Ravishing Red” Schafer discusses his broken rib that forced him to withdraw from his UFC 71 fight against Sean Salmon on his MySpace blog. Filling in for Schafer will be Alan Belcher.

(via UFC Junkie)


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