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Gabe RuedigerOn episode 5 of The Ultimate Fighter 5 Gabe Ruediger failed to make weight and was ultimately kicked out of the house by UFC President Dana White. We recently caught up with Gabe to discuss everything from the show, to his critics, and his future MMA plans. Why did you show up 25 pounds overweight?
Ruediger: Stupidity? I was thinking about making a dramatic weight cut and just wasn’t focused. I was in fight shape, but just wasn’t concerned about the weight. Big mistake on my part. If you could change one thing about how you acted during your time on TUF, what would it be?
Ruediger: Just being serious about the fighting. I lost track of that and it cost me. I also wouldn’t have gotten a colonic on national TV =) Do you feel it was disrespectful that they (Spike, UFC) had pictures of you vs. cake on the Spike TV website?
Ruediger: What could I expect? They were going to use anything they could and I knew how I was going to be portrayed in advance. I was pissed off about many things, but I chose to act the way I did and I agreed to allow them to do what they wanted. Why do you think that you were portrayed the way that you were on TV?
Ruediger: It was partly my doing and partly the need for “characters” on the show. If I didn’t give them so much ammunition, it really wouldn’t have mattered. it was just frustrating, watching how it was put together. Some feel it was a direct depiction, I personally don’t. Do you think this will limit your chances with UFC and/or Pride in the future and What are your plans from here on in?
Ruediger: I’m only limited if I want to be. I’m focused on fighting again, and you’ll be seeing me VERY SOON in a large organization. On the edited version of the show that made it to air it conveyed that you weren’t doing anything to get ready for a fight. What were you doing off camera to stay in shape and prepare for a fight?
Ruediger: That was ridiculous. I was training along with everyone else. In fact, the first week, I would do a shadow boxing workout everyday AFTER practice. I lost track of doing that too, all for getting camera time. How long were you in the house before you were picked to fight Cory?
Ruediger: It was the end of the third week when the fight announcement happened. Had you ever dropped 20+ pounds in a day or two before a fight?
Ruediger: Yes, I have and that’s where I got the false sense of security. Ive had my corner man doubt I was going to make weight and the ALWAYS made it. That was then first time I have never NOT made weight. It was a learning experience though. I’m not getting that heavy and diet is HUGE for me right now. How confident were you that you’d be able to make weight and still be strong enough to win?
Ruediger: I was very confident. I wasn’t worried about Cory and in my mind, I was sure I was going to only win, but finish him. Ill say this, after I went to the hospital I felt like garbage. if I would have fought in that condition, I don’t know how the fight would have gone. Who were your favorite and least favorite cast mates both personality wise and based on their fighting skills?
Ruediger: That’s difficult question. Obviously, I disliked Wiman and still do in fact. There were varying personalities and peoples persona changed on the show, mine included. What are you doing outside of fighting?
Ruediger: Right now, that’s all I’m focused on. I like to enjoy myself and do as many things as possible, but right now, it’s fighting. Could you address the criticism from fans regarding your inability to make
Ruediger: I’m blown away at how emotional(like I’m one to complain about that! LOL) people get about a TV show. I’m the one who should have been upset, and I was. Alot of people have contacted me saying they were disappointed because they thought I could win the whole thing. At this moment , I’m more disappointed in myself and my lapse of judgment. I’m looking past that though. What are your plans with regards to your MMA career and do you have any fights scheduled?
Ruediger: Cant really talk about that. I said earlier, you’ll be seeing me in a MAJOR organization very soon. =) Are there any people or sponsors you would like to thank?
Ruediger: First off , everyone at Team Quest for their support, Millennia Jiu jitsu for being my old home and still treating me like its still mine, Fairtex, Tapout, Forty thieves clothing, Sinister brand, Indecision Records. Id also like to thank everyone who has not passed judgment based on the show and gives me support. I don’t think they know how much it means to me.

We would like to thank Gabe for taking his time to do the interview and wish him the best in the future.


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