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More Bad News For Quinton Jackson

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson ArrestedSome may recall that shortly after Quinton Jackson’s infamous hit and run incident transpired, a woman who was about four months pregnant was reported as one of the victims who Jackson allegedly injured after sideswiping with his sponsor-clad Ford F-350.  Apparently, that woman has since miscarried, and may or may not be bringing legal recourse to the man they call “Rampage”.

From The Daily Pilot:

“Holli Griggs, 38, was driving her 2007 Cadillac Escalade in the left lane on the southbound 55 Freeway just south of Bay Street on July 15 when Jackson’s gray-and-green pick-up truck sideswiped her as he drove along the median lane at about 45 mph, California Highway Patrol officials said.

…Griggs was unavailable for comment Friday. Her fiance, Bill Krebs, said doctors were immediately concerned when they noticed a significant loss of fluid in Griggs’ womb after the accident. Days before the crash, the couple had visited the doctor for an ultrasound, and Griggs was told she “had enough fluid for three babies,” Krebs said. She was pregnant with a boy.

Griggs was sent to Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian after the accident, CHP officials said. Krebs said he and Griggs were then sent to pregnancy specialists at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Anaheim, where doctors noticed the problem.

…Prosecutors have yet to file charges against Jackson, a former light heavyweight champion for the Ultimate Fighting Championship who remains free on $25,000 bail. Prosecutors would not comment on any potential charges due to Griggs’ miscarriage…The couple have retained an attorney but have yet to take legal action against Jackson.

“No amount of money will bring back my son,” Krebs said outside his home Thursday.”

Suffice to say that if I were Quinton Jackson, I would have my attorney and PR rep on speed dial, if I didn’t already.


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