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UFC Chatter: Serra Responds to GSP’s Comments

Matt Serra“Georges St. Pierre is a pathetic liar. He stood up after the fight like a man and admitted he got beat. Now this bullshit? How do you do a total 180? It’s so disheartening. I earned this. I worked my friggin’ ass off for this fight. All I did was give him respect and now he wants to save face by shitting on me? All I heard before the fight was how he was going to train like he never trained before and that he had to be absolutely perfect, and now he says he didn’t train. So which is it? Are you a liar now or a liar then? Everything is a cliché with this guy. Stop reading from the script for once and speak from the heart.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good, talented fighter but he got beat. I know it’s hard for his camp to believe that Superman lost, but he did. Now they want to say it’s because he wasn’t in shape? If he wasn’t in shape he wouldn’t have been able to go five rounds but he didn’t even last three minutes so I don’t want to hear it. Maybe it’s his entourage — he’s led around by a bunch of morons, well except for his kickboxing coach that guy gets it. But the rest of them they got him convinced he’s a God. He must be a mental midget, which makes us about even since I’m a physical midget. Hey what can I say, I wasn’t blessed with height.

Anyway, for a guy who preaches honor and character, he sure isn’t showing any. I miss the old GSP. I was just as big a fan of his as everyone else. Where is he? You know, that guy who was everything Matt Hughes wasn’t. That makes it even worse. We already knew Matt Hughes was an asshole but Georges was supposed to be one of the good guys. Now we see what he’s really made of. He was calling me his friend before the fight and now all of the sudden I was never anything more than an acquaintance. Well f*** you, I don’t want to be your friend. Hit the road Frenchy.�

– UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Serra talks about GSP’s comments made last week in which he states he essentially underestimated Serra, didn’t take the fight seriously, and wasn’t 100% ready in an interview with Jesse Holland of UFC Mania.


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